You Can Reduce The Chances Of Tyre Blowout By Following These Simple Tips

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Sudden tyre bursts or tyre blowouts are one of the primary reasons for highway accidents. No person wants to get caught in the middle of a heavy blowout that completely disorients the vehicle and imposes the risk of a flip-over. Further, if the blowout happens at high speed, the risk of serious impact collisions also increases. Now, there is no sure way of completely avoiding the blowouts, but you can adopt some preventive measures to lower the odds of a tyre burst. Additionally, if you live around poor road conditions, consider buying run-flat tyres with reinforced sidewalls for an added layer of protection against ugly bursts.

Tyre bursts are mostly caused due to negligence and carelessness. If you are regular with your tyre assessment and maintenance, you will lower the chances of such accidents. Read about simple routine tyre assessments and perform them weekly on your tyres if you drive long kilometres. Also, always keep a good quality spare tyre in your boot space because flat tyres cannot be repaired but only be replaced. Here is an article on some simple extra tips which can help you reduce the chances of tyre blowout if you follow them.


Proper Inflation is crucial

Underinflated Goodyear Tyres have reduced pliability, and they undergo greater stress on the road and get heated up. The increased temperature causes the air to expand and exert pressure on the outer walls. When the air expansion goes out of control, the outer walls give up, and the tyres burst. This mostly happens at high speed because then the tyres experience an added pressure and frictional force, which increases the temperature exponentially.

Therefore, keep a regular check on the tyre pressure, and take a thorough reading if you are hitting the road for a long ride. Buy a premium quality pressure gauge to get a thorough reading. Do not rely on the pressure monitoring system because the vehicle engages it only when the tyre pressure is critically low.


Inspect your tyre regularly


Keep a routine record of your tyre’s condition and keep a special check on the sidewalls. Sidewalls are responsible for dispersing the pressure and maintaining the vehicle’s form at high speeds. Unfortunately, these sidewalls get damaged due to kerbs, patches and potholes present on the road, and they get weak without you realising it. If there are cuts, cracks or bulges on the sidewalls, it is bad news, and you should consider going for replacement before hitting the highway.


Keep well within the tyre’s speed rating

A tyre’s speed rating is mentioned on the sidewalls, and it is not the same for every tyre. So ensure that the tyre you buy has a higher speed rating than your average highway speed. Now, when on the highway, do not try to reach the tyre’s speed rating. Instead, keep your speed within limits; this will help maintain the tyre’s temperature at high speeds.


Take occasional breaks during long rides

Continuous traction and road contact raise the tyre’s temperature and increase the risk of a blowout. Taking a break every 90-120 minutes will help the driver stretch and give the vehicle a chance to cool down. The clutch, engine and Cheap Tyres Tamworth will get a chance to regulate their temperature, which will help prevent overheating.


Avoid speeding on concrete

If you come across a concrete patch, lower your speed. Concrete has a higher friction coefficient and offers higher resistance than the usual road. Therefore, the risk of tyres overheating increases. Speed is directly proportional to the frictional force acting on the tyres; hence, keep within the doable limits for your safety.


Do not breach the load rating

A tyre’s load rating is also mentioned in the owner’s manual. Do not overload your vehicle because then the pressure experienced by the tyres increases exponentially. Continuous high pressure will increase the chances of a blowout.

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