Know what to do when your tyre experiences a blowout

by Michael Davies Auto Garage for car Services

A tyre blowout can be considered as one of the most frightening and dangerous events for any driver, irrespective of the speed of the vehicle. With the incoming of automatic tyre pressure monitoring systems, the count of mishaps as a result of a blow-out has considerably reduced over the years. It may either be due to the inability of the driver to handle the vehicle or lower response time. There are many things that one should be aware and trained for in case of such an incident.

Simple tips and advice can help avoid any fatality in case of a Tyres Blackwood blowout. A tyre blowout sound may vary depending on the situation.

  1. A loud bang or boom of the Tyres Ystard Mynach can be felt vibrating through the entire car. 

  2. A whooshing sound can then be heard escaping from the tyre.

  3. And finally, repeated flopping or flapping of the deflated tyre can be heard hitting the road.

How do you know that you are experiencing a tyre blowout?

In case of a tyre blowout, while driving, at first, you could feel the vehicle slow down. The vehicle, post this, can be felt pulling strongly to the left or right depending on the side of the tyre burst. If the front tyre bursts, the force is usually felt within the steering of the vehicle. If the rear tyre bursts, the force is felt in the seat or body of the car.

How should you continue driving through a tyre blowout?

As per the National Safety Council and other safety experts, there are some key points and best practices to be kept in mind in case you experience a tyre blowout.

  • Remember to keep a firm grip on the steering wheel

  • Never slam hard on the brakes

  • Make sure you slow your car down gradually

  • Best is to pull the car to the side once you have slowed down to a safe speed

  • Do not forget to activate your emergency flashers

Things you should do after a tyre blowout

Exit your vehicle once you are safely off the road and turn your emergency flashers on to signal other drivers. You could also place reflective cones to alert the other vehicles on the road. If you are unsure of how to change the tyre, seek for some roadside assistance. A spare is recommended during times of emergency and the vehicle should not be driven at high speeds or for long distances. Read your manual carefully for instructions on how to change a flat tyre with a spare tyre with the necessary tools.

Ways to prevent a tyre blowout

Most tyre blowouts occur when the surface of the road is very hot leading to an underinflated tyre or an overloaded vehicle or excessively worn treads. Timely and routine inspection of the tyres for leaks, pressure or wear and tear is vital.

To learn more about ways of dealing with tyre blowouts, you could visit Tyres Merthyr and avail the assistance provided by the team of experts.

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