Advantages Of Buying New Tyres

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Buying a tyre is a daunting task as it requires careful consideration of all aspects. Your car is an expensive object and therefore it requires care and high-quality components to give you an exhilarating performance. Needless to say, the performance of a car highly depends on the tyres and that's why it is advisable to take the help of an expert for selecting the tyres according to your vehicle. A mistake that people usually make is they fall for second-hand tyres or old tyres because it saves few bucks. However, this greed can result in a big loss as most of the old Nexen Tyres are generally bald and they can prove deadly on the roads.

On the other hand, when you buy new tyres, they not only longer running life but they with sharp tread cuts and a strong sidewall. When you travel, your tyres encounter various obstacles which result in the loss of quality of the rubber compound and damages in sidewall and treads of the tyre.

Can Choose The Similar Tyres

One of the major benefits of buying brand new tyres is that you can choose the same tyres which were initially installed in your vehicle by the company. The manufacturers always install the best set of tyres according to the car's specifications and you should use the same tyres to get optimized performance. When you buy second-hand tyres, there are rare chances that you may get the same type of tyres whereas you can easily ask for the same tyres at a tyre shop.

Save Fuel

When a tyre gets older, it becomes heavier which increases its rolling resistance. These factors lead to high consumption of fuel. On the other hand, new tyres are far more stable and they have low rolling resistance which results in lower consumption of fuel. Also, we change tyres after every 4-5 years and the technology is changing at a very fast pace, it is only logical to assume that new tyres must have better fuel efficiency than old tyres.

High Traction

The most important use of a tyre is that it provides traction. One buys performance tyres and other high-quality tyres for the sake of better traction and stability but imagine buying tyres that you poor grip on the roads and results in poor handling of the vehicle! Well, that could happen if you buy old tyres. It is a fact that nobody sells their tyres when they are in a good shape.

Better Safety

When you go out with your friends or family on a long trip, one thing that surely comes to everybody's mind is their safety. It is because there are several risks involved with driving a car like flat tyres, poor handling of the vehicle, breakdown, tyre burst, etc. Needless to say, old tyres are riskier and they are not as safe as new tyres. When the tyres are new, they have a stiff surface that doesn't let nails or other particles enter easily. Also, they have more resistance to heat and other harsh conditions and thus they are ideal for a long trip.


New tyres are designed to provide 4-5 years of running life to the owner but old tyres are already worn out and they can only provide 1-2, years of running life. After that, you will again have to change your tyres. We know that changing the tyres takes time and to have a hassle-free car experience, it is recommended to buy new tyres and forget about changing them for the next few years. new Tyres Tamworth is a more viable option as they save time, money, effort and have lots of advantages in the long run.

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