Types Of Tyre Damage And The Causes Behind It

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When you invest in quality tyres, they tend to be on the expensive side. However, good quality tyres are needed to achieve better handling and steering and protect you from any mishap that could have happened with a low-grade one. Tyres brands work hard towards designing tyres that will last long, give you your money's worth and optimum performance. 


However, with time tyres do tend to deteriorate. If you want your car tyres to perform longer, taking care of them is important. Tyre damage can happen anytime; however, some factors are under your control that could help you avoid them. Here, you will get to know about some common tyre damages and the causes behind them.

Impact Blowout Or Any Bulge

When your Michelin tyres are running, depending on what the road conditions are, they go through a lot of obstacles. Some obstacles can be highly damaging when they come in contact with your tyres, including potholes, sharp objects and other bumps. The inner tube of your tyres can get destroyed when the impact is too high. If you notice a bulge appearing, take immediate steps and go to a professional. 


These kinds of damages are not always noticeable until it becomes too late. So be cautious of your tyre health and inspect them every week. Give proper care and go for professional help if you have to change your tyres. When avoided, this could lead to complete car failure. 

Cuts And Punctures 

Punctures happen more when you ride tubed tyres. Adverse conditions can intensify the impact. External factors have a large role to play when it comes to tyre deterioration. Some cuts could be big while some are small. Even if the cut is small, seek immediate attention and get your tyres checked. 


Your tyre sidewalls are always different in terms of their surface. Radial construction is the major reason behind sidewall indentation. Professionals can diagnose any problem easily and give you peace of mind. The indentations should be treated safely. Overloading is one of the reasons behind this, including incorrect tread wear and incorrect car tyre inflation. 

Tyre Damage Caused Due To Overheating 

Too much heat can be your car tyre's worst enemy; this is why tyres blow out and explode mostly during summer. When the temperature starts increasing, the air pressure inside the tyre will start expanding as well. When the heat rises, your tyres will become a lot more susceptible to punctures as well as cuts. Hard braking, as well as overspeeding, is one of the main reasons behind your tyre giving up.


If you love to travel and embark on long drives, investing in quality performance or all-terrain tyres is better. Take small breaks in between while driving. This will give your tyres some rest before you start driving again. Also, invest in quality summer tyres as the rubber compound used is compatible with high temperature. 

How To Avoid Such Damages? 

There are certain precautionary steps that you can take to minimise tyre damage and ensure that they go on for long. Changing the tyre position is a good way to achieve that. Tyre rotation ensures all the tyres are wearing out evenly. Rotating them from powered to that of a non-powered axle does the work. Do not drive rashly, and try avoiding potholes as much as you can. 


Often car tyre Tamworth damage happens faster because you were not cautious towards buying the right tyre size and model for your car. The wrong tyres can also destroy your other car components. Make sure to check the tyre tread and replace the tyres when it is time. 


Do not go cheap and always consult tyre dealers who can be trusted to deliver you the best. For off-road journeys, stick to off-road tyres; for summer, stick to summer tyres. Therefore, these are some major types of tyre damage that should be handled carefully with professional help.

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