World Wide Web and the Internet

by Jace Harold Writer

Many people think that the term internet and world wide web are similar to each other, it confuses most of them but these two technological terms is very different to one another. In this article, we will tackle the difference between both of them and why people confuse that it is under one meaning. Let’s go!

Internet as defined by different platforms is a massive network of networks thus called a networking infrastructure. The internet connects millions of computers regardless if it's for personal use or a business one  as long as both computers have an internet connection. Information and communication can travel with the use of internet thus different varieties of languages called protocols. 

It’s like a global computer wherein each server or computer becomes another part or structure off a massive and distributed system. Computers can log on or off to the internet but the great network is really indefinite. Information can be transmitted to one another without having to physically interact with someone. Technically, that is what the “Internet” is. There isn't one of them, there may be an infinite amount of  internet all throughout the world and at any time a series of connection between internet is made to communicate and exchange information with one another. When using your mobile phone and opening your mobile data for online games or checking your email, you are sending and receiving information through the internet. The device that you use becomes a part of the network. 

The term world wide web or www or web for short is a standardized system for navigating and accessing the internet. It’s not the only one (mobile applications in an instance does not use the web to connect you to the internet) but it is by far the most common and popular. 

The web is made from other systems by its use of Hypertext Transfer protocol (HTTP), which in fact just a system in use for standardizing Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Basically, HTML is the language of the web and HTTP is the grammar use inside it in the same way as English being the language of business or French as the language of love. HTML is the overall language of web.

Having a language in common that allows us to communicate, interact, understand one another, or ideas or information, HTML allows everyone using the internet through the web to access, discover and communicate digitally and online. Essentially, accessing the web requires a web browser for example, chrome, safari, internet explorer or mozilla firefox to make sense of HTML and allow web pages to display properly. In addition, you don’t technically need a screen in using the internet, smart speakers and other devices don't use HTTP so they don’t need HTML for opening pages or surfing. 

As the internet had its first access in 1960's, world wide web was first accessed in 199, once many of the tangled series of networking on a global scale had been worked out and the need for a common language asserted itself. 

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