How Much Internet Speed Do You Really Need

by Jace Harold Writer

Unless you have recently checked your business internet plan and saw your current usage, chances are you are either overpaying for a connection plan you really don’t need or your plan is undeserving your company needs with speeds that are technically too slow for you and your employees to accomplish their daily task. Though it sounds hard and overwhelming, it is an easy process to figure out how much speed you are paying for and how much speed do you really need. You can also look up the recommended internet speed in the Philippines for your business or your house.

  1. Test You Speed -  If you want to make sure that you are getting the internet speed that you need and getting your money’s worth, first check your monthly statement from your internet service provider. It should clearly show how many megabits per second you are paying for also known as your internet speed. You should also run a speed test to see how well your connection is actually performing. There are some speedtest in the Philippines sites that you can use for you to know the speed of your internet. If it’s way off or too slow, you should definitely consider contacting your ISP to see if there are any connection, hardware or subscription issues. 

  2. Know Who is Using Your Internet - There are two factors at play when you are calculating how much internet speed you need: who is using the internet and what are they using the internet for. Your needs are not just based on what you use the internet to do; they are also influenced by the number of users or connections using the internet at any given time. 

If you have coworkers who are playing online games during their lunch break or you use social media sites while simultaneously streaming news, the speed for each connection will definitely suffer. 

  1. The Actual Speed that You Need - It is not that hard to figure out the actual mbps your workspace needs based on how much bandwidth the more common online activities require. Remember that the more internet connections your business has, the slower the speeds will be, so if there are a number of people that are using devices at the same time, you will need to increase the recommended mbps. 

  1. Video Streaming - If you use a phone,laptop or a tablet to watch videos but don’t demand high definition video surround sound audio then you don’t really need that fast of an internet connection. Shorter videos like those usually found on Facebook or YouTube or media sites will load fine with slower connections provided that you don’t try to use multiple devices all at once. Streaming high quality videos uses them most Mbps. If you watch HD videos and especially if you have multiple devices steaming content simultaneously, you may be going to need a decent download speed to keep things running smoothly.

Basic Browsing and Email - If you have a home office where the main purpose of your internet connection is to browse websites, send and check emails and occasionally download files, you don’t need that fast of an internet connection. For a simple email and web surfing, a download speed of 2 mbps should be enough.

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