Factors that Makes People Donate to Charity

by Jace Harold Writer

Knowing what are the reasons why the donors are donating to certain causes can be really helpful for the people inside the charity and the donors themselves. There are some that has been personally affected by the issue or they just really want to give back to their community. There are also some cases that it has been part of their family tradition to give back to the people and some often find that this charities need some donations to further help other people. There are some people out there who are really confused about what charities can they support since every charity helps different causes and donors need to find the right charity that support what they believe in. People also look for where they can give money for charity since not all people have the time to volunteer or even time to go to the charity so they often offer to donate money through online bank transactions. 

What Motivates Donors to Donate to Charity

In 2017, the estimated charitable donations exceeded $400 billion for the first time in the United States area only leaving us to ask what is motivating this surge of giving or donating? The reasons are somewhat as unique as the individuals who choose to donate to charities. 

Desire To Make a Difference

When the donors feel their gift or donation has a direct impact on improving or bettering a situation, they feel empowered. It is important that they know the specifics about that their gifts support. Is it for the literacy of the children or the people who is in thorough need of help and support. The detailed information about the accomplishments as a direct result of donations will surely gives the donors the confidence that they choose the right charity to donate to. 

Mission Driven

Donors who go to non profit organizations go there since they believe in their mission. They stay with it since they prove worthy of the trust and the commitment is there with the charity that they’ve chosen since transparency and dependability is the key to help charities maintain their donors. The campaigns that the charities are doing and substantiating evidence of it will lead the donor and the charity that they are donating in to have a good relationship with one another. 

Family Upbringing

For many donors, charitable donation or volunteering is a family tradition that they have grown into. Handed down from generation to generation, the behaviour that was learned at a young age stays with them into adulthood. 

Religious Beliefs

Every religion teachers goodwill, charitable giving and caring for others and usually, the donors practice what they preach. Most of them believe that if you do good things to other people or if you help other people, it will be returned to you by a thousand fold. Some believe that it will give you good karma if you help other people and will prevent you from further distress of other issues. 

If you are looking for a charity or a non profit organization to support here in the Philippines, you can choose KINDer foundation. They are raising donations to different causes in helping people to better their future. 

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