Winter Care Tips for Your Car: 6 Ways to Prevent Rust from Road Salt

by Lucy J. SEO Analyst

Winter comes along with a list of complications for your car. The seasonal hazard is not limited to only ice and snow. One of the biggest threats to your car is the salt used to melt the ice on the roads.

While the mineral helps your car to travel safely on the road during the season, it causes rusts and corrosions to its wheels. Other parts of your vehicle such as exhaust, muffler, subframe, coil springs etc. are also exposed to the risks from salt damage.

Here are some tips on how you can keep your car protected from the seasonal hazards by taking some small yet significant preventative measures.

  1. Clean up the clutter

The key thing to keep a car rust-free is to maintain a clean car. Wash your vehicle after every snowy road trip. Use high-quality car soap and a floss-free towel for cleaning your vehicle; make sure you get as much debris as possible off the rims and tyre sidewalls.

However, if it seems too much for you to dip your hands on a water bucket during winter, you can go to a service station and give your car the much necessary wash.

  1. Wax your car

Waxing your car generally increases car paint’s longevity, keeping your car looking brand new. In winter, wax can work as a protective layer for your car's clear coat and paint against the grime of the roads. Give your vehicle a good quality carnauba wax coating before the season kicks in.

  1. Make your car rust proof

You have to keep an eye for any exposed metal or chip in the chassis of your vehicle. One of the most effective ways to protect the exterior of your car from rust caused by the road salts is to apply rust-proofing spray.

At every oil change, check the underside of your car as it is more exposed to risks than any other places. You can also apply an undercoating spray there to prevent it from any future damages caused by snow-covered roads.

Also, if you replace your car’s tyres with winter tyres in Wolverhampton, you need to apply a coating powder for wheels to ensure the safety of them.

  1. Use a clay bar

Despite previous preventions taken, some grime will make its way through the protective layers and affect your car’s paint. If not removed quickly, soon it will take a heavy toll upon the clear coat and can scratch the paint out of your vehicle.

The best solution for this situation is to use a clay bar for removing the grit. It carefully glides through your car’s painted surface and helps to remove any imperfections or stuck on particles on it.

  1. Avoid puddles and plough tracks

Puddles carry a hefty amount of salt and driving over it exposes your car to a fresh layer of salt, something you know you should avoid by now.

  1. Check-up your car before winter

A pre-winter inspection can keep your vehicle trouble-free throughout winter. You can visit reputed garages such as Auto Surefit which offer Car Service Wolverhampton for a professional technician's opinion and servicing.

It is crucial for your car that you take a proactive and protective stance before the complications of seasonal change come in. It gives your vehicle the upper hand to tackle such situations.

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