Learn the FLOWER Checks for Essential Car Maintenance

by Lucy J. SEO Analyst

Every single automobile will require proper servicing and maintenance to help them perform better irrespective of their usage.

For a full or interim service, you have to visit a car garage. You can refer to professionals such as Auto Surefit in Wolverhampton to can provide you with the car servicing you require. They also help you pass the MOT in Wolverhampton.

For the time being, you need to learn some check that you can conduct on your own. Known as FLOWER, these are mentioned below:

The Flower Check To Your Car

  1. F” for Fuel

Always ensure you have ample fuel before setting off on a long journey. The primary reason is not that you might get stranded in the middle of nowhere, but fuel prices in the motorway are comparatively high.

Yes. According to Chris Grayling, the fuel prices in motorway service centres are at least 19p/litre higher.

Further, driving on low fuel can harm your fuel pump. The dust and debris residing at the bottom of your car’s tank will go into the fuel pump thereby causing significant damage over time. Hence, keep your fuel levels from hitting bottom all the time.

  1. L” for Lights

30% of all MOT faults happen because of faulty lights. Lights do not include only your headlights, tail lamps, sidelights, brake lights, reverse lights, fog lights, etc. But, they also include the malfunction lights in your dashboard.

Keep these under check, visit a car garage for repairing any malfunctions, and you will pass your MOT Wolverhampton.

  1. O” for Oil

Engine oil, although not a component, holds considerable importance for keeping your engine healthy. You have to replace it every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. The engine oil depletes over time, and you have to keep a check on the level.

To check your engine oil level:

  1. Let your car’s engine cool down before checking.

  2. Open the hood and remove the fuel cap.

  3. Clean the dipstick with a cloth.

  4. Dip it inside and wait a few seconds.

  5. Remove it to check the oil level.

The dipstick has two marks, and the oil should be between them. If lower than the second mark, you will have to replenish it.

  1. W” for Water

When checking the oil, also take a look at the coolant. The coolant reservoir is translucent making it easier to check its level.

  1. E” for Electrics

Your car battery is responsible for running all the electrics. Ensure the battery is secured and the “check battery” is off.

  1. R” for Rubber

Last but not the least, comes rubber or your car tyres in Wolverhampton. Check the air pressure, sidewall damage, tread depth, and uneven tyre wear.

The minimum tread depth that you need to have is 1.6 mm. On the other hand, uneven tyre wear can be caused by wheel misalignment or wheel imbalance.

Do this FLOWER check every once in a while, and you can pass the MOT with flying colours. For issues, go for the best expert professionals to avoid expensive repairs after a MOT fail.

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