5 Tips for Effective and Efficient Driving of Hybrid Cars

by Lucy J. SEO Analyst
Hybrid cars are the future of automobiles. Many people are already on the road driving them, and the numbers are increasing steadily. They are ecologically safer and help keep a tab on global warming through car emissions.

Nevertheless, they have a different build owing to their specific mechanism. A hybrid vehicle’s power is derived through a combination of gasoline engine and electric motor. These hybrid components are used to reduce the carbon emissions of the car.

With the growing popularity of these vehicles, there is also a need to create awareness among car owners for an effective driving experience.
Here are a few of those:

Go for efficient fuel usage

These vehicles are designed primarily for environmental sustainability. Thus, the emphasis of manufacturers is towards addressing the ecological concerns on fossil fuel emissions while providing better energy efficiency.

However, what you can do to improve fuel efficiency is avoid speeding and reckless driving.

Additionally, use the gasoline engine for starting and accelerating to the desired speed. Then switch to cruise control with the electric motor to continue with rest of the drive. It will save on the cost of gas consumption.

Maintain average speed

You may think you won’t have to worry about mileage when you have switched to cruise mode. That’s not true though. Driving at a speed above 55 mph will lead to more fuel consumption. Hence, for greater fuel mileage, keep it below the speed level. Besides, a steady pace will also save your car tyres in Wolverhampton from greater tread wear.

Manage your car’s battery charge

Manufacturers recommend that unlike conventional cars, keeping a hybrid car’s battery fully charged as often as possible will make it more efficient in power consumption other than obviously increasing its overall lifespan.

Hence, to keep it going for long, keep your car battery charged between the two ends. However, in any case, you should not keep it below 20% continuously to avoid causing long term damage.

Apply brakes for efficient battery usage

One of the most significant advantages of hybrid cars is regenerative braking. It essentially means that the battery will charge as and when you apply brakes. However, it does not mean going at high speeds and applying sudden brakes to recharge the battery. Instead, you should be driving steadily and braking according to the situation. Excess braking may recharge the battery faster, but it’ll wear out the brake pads.

Accessories – less is more

Your car already has many accessories powered by the battery. Frequent use of radio, heaters, etc. will consume more power and drain its energy. Thus, being sporadic in the use of electrical devices is best for your hybrid car.

Along with these, you also need to keep other regular vehicle issues in check like wheel alignment Wolverhampton, wheel balance and suspension issues that lower your car’s efficiency. Take your car for regular servicing at a nearby service station like Car Tyres for detection and repair of any problems that affect its performance. Their technicians are well-versed in the intricacies of hybrid vehicles and will provide you with solutions in quick time.

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