Why You Must Be Honest When You Talk of STD With Your Doctor

by STD Express Clinic Doctor
Do you doubt being exposed to a sexually transmitted infection (STI)? If yes, you must talk to a doctor about it. STIs are not something that go away on their own. Moreover, delaying only worsens the infection in your body. 

Talk to a doctor 

In case you feel awkward talking to your family physician, walk in the Pentagon STD testing clinic. No prior appointment is needed to see a doctor here. Talk to the doctor about your doubt. Doctors here are well-qualified, mature people with an expertise in diagnostic testing and treatment. 

Be honest

Let’s imagine a scene: 

X has multiple partners. When the doctor asks her about her sexual life, she hides this fact. Instead, she says, “I practice monogamy with Y.”

It is but natural that the doctor would call her partner Y for a test too. 

The doctor, in this case, does not know that X had unprotected sex with another person called Z. She does not know Z’s sexual history. 

Now, X undergoes a test and comes out positive.
Y undergoes a test too and comes out negative. 

The doctor is puzzled. If X practices monogamy and her partner is negative, how did she contract an infection? 

Well, dear friends, save your doctor such mystery. 

Be honest. If you have multiple partners, say so. The doctor would then recommend you a test or a series of tests based on your high-risk sexual behavior and common infections that occur due to such behavior. 

Hiding facts may baffle the doctor for a while; but for you, it could be dangerous. It could lead to mis-diagnosis, wrong recommendation of test, or re-infection. The latter may happen when you have sex with your “hidden” partner again. You did not inform the doctor. The doctor did not call your partner for a test. 

Let’s not complicate things 

When it comes to Pentagon STI test and treatment, let’s keep things simple. Consult a doctor and be completely honest about your sexual life. 

Take a test as per the doctor’s recommendation. Take treatment, if needed. 

Sounds simple, right? It is. 

This is because STD clinic in Pentagon understands the embarrassment associated with talking about STDs. That’s why they keep patients’ identity confidential. They see to it that the test is done quickly without you feeling uncomfortable. 

So, you hardly have an excuse to not be honest with the doctor here. 

3 Steps and you are done

Gone are the days when you had to wait among other patients to see a doctor, with your awkwardness enveloping you from all sides. 

Thanks to the Pentagon STD testing clinic, waiting is passe. 

1. You walk in and choose a test.
2. The trained staff collects urine or blood samples and does the test quickly. 
3. Get your test results as fast as possible and in privacy. 

Doctors at the clinic are also available for consultation on phone. The tests are affordable. A test on time can save you from a lot of trouble later in life. 

So, are you ready to take a test? 

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