STD Testing for Men: How to Do It?

by STD Express Clinic Doctor
STD testing for men is, no longer, the awkward collection of swab from urethra, wherein they must press a cotton swab in the tiny hole of their penis tip for sample collection. Now, the test involves a simple collection of urine or blood sample. 

So, if you have had unprotected sex, either with a male or female, you must test yourselves for STD. 

Do you know you can find around 50 million men with a STD in the US at any given moment? Many of these men are unaware they are having a STD! This is because STDs hardly show any symptom and may catch you by the surprise. 

That’s what makes men reluctant to test themselves. They may try to convince their sex partner that they are completely fine. Some even find it annoying when asked to test themselves. “But I don’t have any symptoms, why should I test myself?” 

According to doctors, if you are sexually active and have multiple partners, you must undergo STD testing. Even if you are in a monogamous relationship and don’t know about your partner’s sexual health, both of you must test yourselves. 

No symptom does not mean no STD
Some of the deadliest STDs show no symptoms. You may observe a symptom or two only when the disease has become full-fledged. At that time, it becomes difficult to treat it. 

That’s the reason doctors emphasize that you must get yourselves tested at regular intervals – symptom or no symptom. 

You are sexually active is THE reason to undergo a test. 

You can never be too sure about your sexual health. So, a routine STD screening at 3-6 months’ interval is good. If you are in a monogamous relationship and your partner has been tested negative for STDs and has no other sex partner other than you, then both of you can test yourselves every 3-5 years. 

When you need no test?
If you are totally abstinent, you need no test. You cannot get any STD, provided that your parents, especially your mother had no STD while giving birth to you. 

If you have only one sex partner in your whole life and the partner, too, never had sex before, except with you and still practices monogamy, you need no test. However, your partner should also be sure that his/her mother was free from STD while delivering him/her. 

What to expect during Arlington STD check?
You need no prior appointment to visit a Walk in STD clinic. Simply walk in and ask for a doctor. Once you are with the doctor, he/she will ask you your sexual history. You need to be completely honest here. Doctors at such clinics are here to test and treat you, not judge you. 

The best thing is that you can request the clinic to keep your identity confidential. 

Too time-pressed to visit a clinic? Worry not. The clinic is open on Sundays and holidays. They are also open on extended hours. So what’s the delay? This Christmas, give yourselves and your partner the gift of healthy and happy sex. 

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