Why should you use blue-blocking glasses daily?

by BluTech Lenses Blue Light Filter Glasses

In this digital age, people are becoming increasingly dependent on electronic devices and digital screens. Digital devices emit blue light. Blue light has a shorter wavelength and its overexposure can be harmful to your vision. So, eye strain and headache is a common problem in people of all age groups.

Blue light is emitted from both renewable source (sun) and artificial source (digital screen, electronic devices). But not all blue light is harmful. As the light from the sun’s rays can help you regulate your sleep-wake cycle, it is necessary for your daily life. However, too much negative rays from digital screens interfere with sleep cycles, trigger digital eye strain, headaches, and macular degeneration.

Let’s take a look at other reasons for using blue light blocking glasses daily.

They improve the sleep-wake cycle

If you are sleep-deprived, spending too much time on your screens might be the reason behind it. Overexposure to blue light from the digital screen disrupts your sleep cycle by reducing the melatonin levels at night. When you wear a pair of blue blockers daily, they increase nighttime melatonin levels to improve your sleep-wake cycle.

They reduce migraine symptoms

If you feel headaches, sound/light sensitivity or nausea, you may have a migraine. With a pair of blue light blocking lenses, you can experience reduced attacks and relief from headaches and other migraine symptoms.

They reduce fatigue

Are you feeling tired? If yes, you need to give your eyes a break! Blue light from digital screens and electronic devices can increase the symptoms of fatigue. This can also affect your performance at work, even how you drive and how you sleep. However, wearing blue light filter glasses daily can help in reducing the symptoms of fatigue.

They decrease the risk of macular degeneration

Continuous and regular exposure to blue light from digital screens can increase the risk of macular degeneration, an eye condition that can lead to permanent vision loss. This problem kills cells inside our eyes causing irreversible damage. By wearing blue light blocking lenses, you can prevent your eye damages significantly.

Hope, you are convinced now why you should use blue light protection glasses regularly. Well, you can wear a pair of lenses day or night. Doesn’t matter you are a kid or an adult; you can look at digital screens at any time without worrying about your eyes problem by wearing blue blocker glasses.

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