Why is Physiotherapy Treatment for Back Pain Considered Effective?

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As per Physiotherapists in Marylebone, the pain in the lumbar, upper or middle back can create havoc in one’s life. It is a pain where a sudden shooting ache arises and causes numbness because of the damage to the peripheral nerves. There is a common myth that a backache occurs mainly among middle or old aged people, but it is not true. Anyone, ranging from teenagers to adults in late twenties can experience the pain.

Why a backache occurs? How can it be treated? Is it ok to take painkillers? Is physiotherapy effective for those suffering from a backache? In this article, we will address these questions and help those suffering from back pain to find a permanent solution:

What are the reasons behind back pain?

As per specialists in the clinic, back pain can occur at any time and age depending on the health of the person. Reasons

Sedentary lifestyle: Prime cause behind back pain is a sedentary lifestyle. Our lives are so busy nowadays that it becomes almost impossible to exercise and follow a healthy routine. Non-activity can result in pressure on the back or pressing of nerves leading to back pain. As per Physiotherapists in Marylebone, the pain should not last for long, but if it does not go away, you need to consult a specialist and start treatment

Degenerative disc: If you experience pain in the middle or upper back it may be a result of the herniated or degenerative disc. It causes excruciating pain, numbness or burning sensations that are difficult to tolerate but with physical exercise and rest it can be cured.

Osteoarthritis: Queens Park physiotherapy clinics describe that this condition occurs when the wear and tear of disc and facet joints cause swelling, and inflammation. It can be a result of aging or weakening of the spine 

Accident or fall: Trauma or sudden accidents can lead to spine injuries causing excessive back pain.

What is the Treatment for Back Pain?

As per Physiotherapists in Marylebone, people experiencing back pains often need rest and break from heavy lifting to realign and support the back. Some patients also wear a belt to support back. People also take painkillers which reduce the pain to some extent, but they mitigate the pain and do not heal the injury. If the pain does not go away with rest, surgeons suggest spinal injury in worst cases but healing is a lifelong process after that. Many people shirk from surgery and go for physiotherapy treatment which is considered most effective in back pain. Let’s find out what is most effective about this age-old therapy?

Physiotherapists are experts who are trained to treat back pain by controlled body movement that helps patients to regain lost strength. Our body heals in its ways, but complete bed rest is not recommended unless a patient has met a serious accident. The reason why the controlled but continuous movement is preferred is that back should not become stiff and lose its flexibility. Hence, physiotherapists suggest treatments like relaxation massages, electronic stimulations, stretching or traction to keep the back flexible and moving.

Physiotherapy assists the body in healing itself naturally by clearing the blockages and let the blood and oxygen flow freely in the nerves. If you too are looking for a therapist in Queens Park physiotherapy clinics

visit and connect with the best therapists in your area. You can check their credibility by viewing the feedbacks left by other patients. Also, booking the appointment is extremely easy; you only need to check their available date and time slot. What more? You get instant confirmation on the number or email you provide. Isn’t it the easiest and hassle-free way of taking the appointment?


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