Why do you need to hire a full-stack android developer for your start-up or business?

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Full-stack development and architecture are a popular trend in the modern tech industry worldwide, especially in start-ups and small businesses. The number of entrepreneurs and small companies has increased in all global software development markets. As a result, companies are looking to hire a full-stack android developer for their projects.

Let's begin with the stats story

Well, before we jump into the discussion of How and Why to hire android developers, here is a stats fact check. According to LinkedIn's Emerging Jobs Report 2020, a full-stack developer is the fourth fastest-growing profession, with an annual growth rate of more than 35%, followed by computer scientists, robotics engineers, and AI specialists.

When you employ top android app developers for your business application development, they are skilled enough to understand the various layers and do it with ease, whether it's the front or back end or operating on the business layer.

Consider a situation in which site designers have the freedom to work on both concept and test-driven production projects simultaneously. Or whether they may modify the user interface without affecting other logic in the codebase. The MVVM platform, it turns out, will render that a possibility. In such cases, you must hire MVVM android developer for the job.

Before we start a discussion, here is a mind-boggling stat related to full-stack android developers. 


Best jobs of 2019 (Source – Indeed)

According to Indeed, the job title "full-stack developer" shown 206% growth compared to the duration of the year 2015-2018. Now you can get the feel why you need to hire android developers being a business owner or entrepreneur.

What will a full-stack developer accomplish?

When you hire any best developers in the market – there are always two types of web developers you will come across

  1. Front-end developers

  2. back-end developers. 

You see it as a user interface on your screen that is the role of front-end developers while back-end developers create the program. A full-stack developer will do anything. They are in charge of the application's architecture, server-side scripting, database creation and management, coding, client-side coding, and other project development requirements.

When you hire top rated android app development company, they are responsible for the following tasks:

  • Troubleshoot problems

  • Coordination with other team members and developers is needed.

  • Create research methods for online applications.

  • Oversee web production.

In brief, a full-stack developer understands the tools that influence how a website looks, operates, and performs. Such a developer would be familiar with PHP, Angular, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Node, MongoDB, Apache, Ruby, MySQL, and other technologies. 

Over time, the skills needed for full-stack creation have extended and advanced. It used to be the LAMP stack, which contained Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Today is all about MEAN and beyond. A modern full-stack developer now uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other JS platforms for front-end development; Express and Node for back-end development; and MySQL and MongoDB for databases. Hire MVVM android developer for your dream application project.

Significant reasons to recruit Full-stack developers

Let us now discuss a few of the critical reasons to hire android developers and full-stack developers.

  1. A broad spectrum of technological abilities

Companies hire a full-stack android developer for their projects for their ability rather than their skills. Companies give them the qualities they expect them to have over time. As the business grows, they can develop new technical skills in a few years.

  1. Cost-effective

There is no need to form a team of specialists since full-stack developers will work on all facets of a project. They can quickly do the project on their own. This would save the recruiting committee the appropriate sum of capital. 

  1. Problem-solving effectiveness

Companies often search for people that can solve problems while recruiting a developer. Full-stack developers are capable of handling all aspects of a project. They are a viable option for entrepreneurs and small companies who cannot afford many expert developers.

  1. Management and executive abilities

Companies want to hire android developers who have prior industry knowledge. A developer possesses an extraordinary skillset working on the back end and the front-end development, and other mid-design layers. This ensures they are capable of outperforming a single front-end or back-end creator.

  1. Time savings in the development process

Top android app developers are familiar with a variety of technology, methods, and techniques. This ensures that as they embark on the job, they will finish things more quickly. 

Full-stack developers have many advantages for businesses and start-ups.

Now, let's turn the table and check what is there for businesses and start-ups.

  1. Adaptability

A full-stack developer may function on both the back and front end of the web and application. Front-end developers write code in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to monitor the appearance of the solution and how it communicates with the application and users.  If you want MVVM architecture over MVC architecture, then you can also hire MVVM android developer.

Back-end developers create the code that connects the website or program to other content management systems. They are concerned about exceeding consumer needs and devising ideas on their own.

  1. Extensive knowledge

Developers work on a variety of web programs. This has aided them in gaining in-depth knowledge of different techniques and the skills to provide swift solutions in web and app growth. Such expertise and insight increase the project's success and business acceptance.

  1. seasoned developers

When you hire android developers, they have the necessary expertise to provide excellent capabilities for the final product that would excite the consumer. 

They have the opportunity to create a whole product from the ground up. If you wish to reap the rewards of your venture, you must collaborate with specific experts. Keep in mind that not every creator is capable of overseeing the project from start to finish.

  1. Troubleshooting problems

Full-stack developers have extensive expertise and experience in all phases and areas of website creation. They are knowledgeable enough to recognize potential problems that can arise throughout the project's progress. Their results will devise long-term strategies to guarantee that the website or framework works appropriately.

  1. Cost-effective

If you have a limited budget but want to create a great website, you can consider recruiting full-stack developers. You might also consider hiring a remote full-stack developer for the project. As a result, a developer will handle all facets of project development; you won't need to employ many people for the work. 

  1. Delivery on schedule

It would be simple for developers to divide tasks among themselves and coordinate for faster project development. As a consequence, they can deliver the project as early as possible.

Wrap Up

A full-stack android developer has many advantages to small companies and entrepreneurs, including lower costs, accelerated growth, more flexible problem solving, access to a wide range of technology and trends, and much more. 

When you look in the market to hire android developers – you will find some top, big and extraordinary names in the market.  The best way to select top android app developers is to assess your business requirement and background check of the company or a developer.

If you are looking for some exceptional MVVM and Full-stack development developers, please write to us at for further discussion.

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