T-shaped Full-stack Developer For A Successful Business Idea

by Taqi Ahmed Digital Marketer

Are you looking for hiring an expert full-stack developer proficient in front-end as well as in back-end and also in client and server-side? 

Well, today, there are many full-stack development companies that are well-equipped with highly experienced full-stack developers who are proficient in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. 


Today, everyone is just going through a dilemma when it comes to picking the better among the best. If the zest of the process of full-stack development is acknowledged by you, then a second thought will find no way to hit your mind while going for hiring a full-stack developer. 

Today, we will also set-up a meet-up to enlighten the process and advantages of full-stack development. 

While your mind is just storming with the pick of full-stack development for your enterprise then here we will let you some of the things that you should consider before getting onto the platform of it. Let’s just check out the brief about the same to know about the best from it. 

From the starting to end, a full-stack developer is liable to nurture the project including front-end & back-end developing with all the other various sized responsibilities that are covering it. 

Depending upon the requirements of your project, you can go for picking a full-stack developer and even more, as during this hiring process you’ll be bestowed a full package of design towards the deployment.


The definition of a full-stack developer is already discussed above. But, being a client, while hiring a full-stack developer it is important to search for the competent one who can go dealing with the big picture and smart in all the mentioned activities. 

Obviously, you should consider that no professional, no developer is the master of every form of art. As all might not be driving on the same path as every developer emerges with his own skill-set in a specific realm of the stack. Most of the developers are found well polished in every relevant sector with deep knowledge and extensive experience. 

You will find your picked full stack developer expert in creating an expected result. Some would be having clean hands in the front-end development arena and the other would be smart enough handing back-end development. So, monitoring the technical roots of a full-stack developer is a must and a sense mandatory. 


Now, we’ll go through some significant technical skills that should be acknowledged while finalizing a full-stack developer.  

Front-end Development: 

Firstly, let’s just start with front-end development. 

  • The extensive appearance and deep knowledge of JavaScript development like Ember, React.js, Angular.js and some other JS-based tools.

  • CSS preprocessors like DtCSS, Myth, and Less. 

  • Some Web basics such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. 

  • Front-end frameworks like Foundation, Bootstrap, Pure, Semantic-UI, and more. 

  • Client-based scripts like AJAX. 

  • Knowledge of the extensive libraries like jQuery, Ember.js, Knockout.js, Backbone.js and more. 

Back-end Development

  • CRUD Operations: Read, Create, Delete, and Update.

  • Database Technologies like MySQL, Microsoft SQL, MongoDB, Oracle, MariaDB, and IBM DB2.

  • API Designs, Development, and RESTful Services.

  • Server-side technologies like Apache, J2EE, Nginx, and so on.

  • Proficient with server-side unusual languages like Python, Ruby, PHP, ASP, Pearl, and JavaScript. 


  • Full of enthusiasm and eagerness towards learning new technologies.

  • Update with advanced, outstanding, and in-tend technologies. 

  • Must possess the caliber to fix-up right triangle issues.

  • Understand completely the business logic, requirements of the customers and objective of the client’s product depending upon the status of time. 


Full-stack developers are found talented in one or more programming languages but also holds the expertise of working knowledge of other platforms and languages. Such skill-set is tagged as a T-shaped model. 

I-shaped model is opposed by T-shaped model which is referred to people who have hold-over in a specific section. 

Found experienced in building modern web projects, T-shaped programmers for such tasks needs the perfection of various platforms and tools. 


The hiring of a full-stack developer is a viable pick in the following circumstances:

  • When MVP is needed

When you are needed to build an MVP to validate your ideas before launching your product and looking for investors, then the best buddy, in this case, would be full stack developer. You would be demanded to hire a full-stack developer, check his/her ability and put your hand over a fully-functional prototype. 

  • When Product Managers are required

Undoubtedly, the best product managers are full-stack managers only. The purpose of the business remains clear in their mind and simultaneously they are found proficient in engineering skills. While finalizing a decision, taking into account the parameters point to remarkably valuable resources. 

  • When cost is a decisive issue

For a single layer of the development process, it would be costly to go for a specialist, this time also, a viable choice would be a full-stack developer. 

  • When a Co-founder/ product owner is demanded

This phrase might not be unknown to you, but someone is required to build it. While looking for a co-founder or product owner for combining your app’s shared vision with the technical expertise, again a possible option is full stack developers to opt from. 


Now, coming to the real point, here we’ll check out some benefits that you may get after hiring a full-stack developer. So, follow-up all and cover some more threads of knowledge around you. 


Responsible for start to end development of the project, the full-stack developer is comprised of deep knowledge of technologies being used in building the project and can make the alterations right away as per the needs. 


Obviously, hiring full stack web developers will charge you a little more. So, don’t allow yourself to be cheated and save your bugs by making your mind to hire full-stack developers.


On-time delivery can be expected if the responsibility of the entire project is on the shoulders of a single identity as most of the time runs down in the co-ordinated pattern system. So, pick full stack developers to accomplish the work on time. 


Efficient maintenance and deployment can be expected after the attainment of the process of hiring full-stack developers. They are known to be the key to the overall project and will also aid you for all sized queries dedicatedly.  

So, to enhance the functionalities and features of your website, go for hiring full-stack developers. Opt for the dedicated one just by simply putting forward the needs and let them know your best suiting options. 

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