Why Biometric Attendance System is Right For Your Business?

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Any organization, whether large, medium or small, has one common goal — Increase efficiency of their process and generate the maximum output with limited resources. The success of any organization depends on how productive its workforce is. Only tracking the number of working days of an employee does not speak enough about how productive the employee is at the workplace. Other parameters like employee reporting time, leaving time, time spent on breaks, late coming, early releases, etc. should all be taken into consideration. It is here that the biometric Attendance Management System comes to the rescue of the employers. Such a system is not only easy to install and use, but also impossible to hack and tamper with.

How does the biometric attendance system work?

A Biometric Attendance Machine uses a unique identifying feature of the employee by authenticating his unique physiological characteristics. It could be his fingerprints, iris scan, facial features, etc. This is a fool proof method of marking attendance.

Top reasons, why you need a biometric attendance system

1. Higher accuracy — The chances of errors creeping into manual time cards are very high. Some might be accidental, while some might even be deliberate. For instance, an employee, might incorrectly enter the clock in or clock out time. Or it may so happen that an employee has not reported to work, but has asked his friend to punch in for him. There could be many such things possible. But, with a biometric attendance maintenance system, all employees are required to scan their fingerprints to be able to get into the premises, thus eliminating any scope of mistakes in time card entry.

2. Saves the HR time spent on processing payroll, in each payment cycle- The HR of an organization spends a lot of time and energy on being able to compute the number of hours each employee has spent working in the organization to be able to process accurate payroll. They have to go through volumes of data and it is quite a challenge. With a biometric time tracker, all such information is computed and available on a real-time basis, thus eliminating the cumbersome task for an HR.

3. Restricted access — There might be some sensitive areas of your business where you would not like any unauthorized personnel. With a biometric scanner, you could address this requirement of restricted access.

4. Punctuality and discipline — The possibility of being able to alter the reporting and leaving time when you have a manual tracking system is high. But with an automated biometric tracker, there is no such scope. And such a thing would eventually lead to higher punctuality and higher discipline levels amongst the workforce. And a punctual and disciplined workforce is the key to higher productivity.

5. Transparency — When everyone has access to clock in and clock out times of all employees, people tend to be more punctual. Those who are not, tend to become so, seeing the others. There is no ambiguity in payroll processing either. Transparency develops an increased trust of the workforce in the business, in turn boosting employee loyalty!

6. For workforce analytics — Real-time analytics of the workforce becomes possible with the easy availability of data regarding shifts and work time of all employees. Things like allotting assignments, rescheduling shifts, figuring out productivity of tasks, finding out lag times, figuring out project costing, etc., is much easier.

What makes CuckooTech biometric attendance system special?

CuckooTech is a pioneer in the T&A domain. They also hold some valuable patents in the accuracy of recognizing the biometric data. Here is what makes CuckooTech a class apart from the rest of its competitors

CuckooTech’s patented technology uses multiple recognition approach to distinguish a fake finger from a real one. It cannot be fooled by rubber or silicone molds to replicate the fingerprints.

Cuckootech offers cloud integration, allowing data to be captured and analyzed in real-time. The moment a fingerprint is captured, it not only marks your attendance but also transfers this data to the cloud instantly.

CuckooTech comes with superior features like automatic finger scanner, patented finger matching algorithm, registration and authentication levels, a huge database that can store up to 2,50,000 user templates, usable on multiple devices, etc. which makes it one of the best featured Biometric Attendance System in the market.

CuckooTech has a dedicated and proficient support team to handle all sort of varied client needs, all across India. Be it local support teams, in-house repairing, and spare parts unit, installation team, etc., all are sure to give you a world-class experience.

So, when you are looking for the best in class Biometric Attendance Software, that is best suited for the global workforce needs of the 21st century, then CuckooTech is surely your best bet.

If you are still doubtful, wait no more and schedule a quick demo.

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