The Biometric Advantage in Attendance Systems

by Cuckoo Tech Cuckootech Attendance Management System
For time immemorial, every person working for a boss has been recording his time in one form or the other. The time data is important because it is directly linked to the pay. Research has proven that an accurately tracked time entry data can improve the overall data productivity by almost 30%. So it very important for both the employee and the employer to be able to capture the details correctly and with utmost accuracy.

With the advent of the internet and technology, security and data accuracy have gained lots of significance. One of the foremost changes we have seen in the area of security is related to biometry, be in the face recognition, eye retina recognition or even the fingerprint scanners. Biometry is the buzz word. Attendance systems are also slowly moving towards making most of these new age technologies to its advantage.
Traditional time entry methods and their challenges
Traditional methods of time entry have always been error-prone and the data collected is not always in a form which can be used to derive inferences and interpretation. Let us look at how and why the traditional ways have failed us:

•Sign/Entry Register: A sign register can be easily manipulated by befriending the person in charge.
•Swipe Cards: These cards can be shared between people to create an illusion of the people logging in and logging off at the required time.

These data can also not be interpreted to find out the actual time on the floor or the average time of the employees in the office. Hence data interpretation and accuracy both were a concern when it comes to traditional time entry methods.

Biometric attendance to solve these problems
A biometric attendance system typically makes use of your unique features like the fingerprint to mark the attendance. The only extra investment that you need to have is the biometric devices to get the finger impress. This impression is then matched with the samples stored in the database along with the current system time to accurately record in and out time of the employees.

Also by making this biometric attendance data connected to the cloud, it becomes possible to analyze and review the attendance data in real time irrespective of the geographical location of the employees.

What makes CuckooTech Biometric Attendance System Special?
CuckooTech is not only the pioneers in the T&A domain but also boast of some valuable patents in accurately recognizing the biometric data. Here are a few things that make CuckooTech a class apart from the rest of the flock:
Fake Finger Detection
While most biometric devices can be easily fooled by using rubber or silicone molds to replicate the fingerprints, CuckooTech has a patented technology which uses a multiple recognition approaches to find out and invalidate such fake attempts at time entry. This makes your attendance system completely foolproof.
Push Based Attendance System
Push refers to a future-ready technology where you are able to push the data as it is captured in real time to the cloud. So the moment you put your finger on the device, this push technology not only recognizes your impression and marks your attendance but also transfers this data to the cloud instantly. This is very important for plug and play implementations and other IoT related connectivity.
Superior Features and implementations.
CuckooTech comes with many superior features when compared to other similar products available in the market such as automatic finger scanner, patented finger matching algorithm. Also, the user can set registration and authentication levels along with the transaction option. It has a huge database which can store from 500 to 2,50,000 user templates. This template can be stored on the device and make the authentication process faster.
Service and Support
Whenever you try out new software, there are bound to be some hiccups and glitches. You need a dedicated and proficient support team to handle that. CuckooTech promises you exactly that. A well-qualified and proficient team to provide you with assistance pan-India. This is apart from the local support teams and in-house repairing and spare parts unit.
If you are looking for best in class attendance software which is also suited for the global workforce needs of the 21st century, then CuckooTech is your best bet. They have a T&A project for just about every need your business has. All this and more made available in real time through cloud integration. CuckooTech seamlessly integrates with IoT, cloud and all the latest technologies. If you are still doubtful, wait no more and schedule a quick demo of state-of-the-art products. Seeing they say is believing. 

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