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You might have come across the term "Time and Attendance System" quite a few time but don't know what it is. Don't worry we have got you covered. Read on to know about the Time and Attendance System.

What is Time and Attendance?

Time and Attendance is a way to track and monitor when employees start and stop work and if they are absent or present at work. If there are few employees in your organization, keeping track of their time and attendance is quite simple and can be done manually. But as the organization grows, the number of employees grow as well and there is no guarantee that all employees will be doing the same shift and working in the same location. Keeping track of time and attendance of so many employees, who work in different shifts and are spread across different geographical location becomes a difficult task.

What is payroll?

Payroll is a list of employees who are getting paid by the organization, but the term is commonly used to refer to the total amount of money paid to the employees. In a small organization, payroll is managed by the owner himself, but in a large organization, it is done by the Human Resources (HR) department.             

How are both of these related?

Since, Time and Attendance system also keeps track of late arrival, early departures, time taken during breaks and absenteeism, it enables HR or the employer to make accurate payroll calculation based on the actual time the employees have worked. Time and Attendance system can be manual or automated. 

Manual Time and Attendance System

Various examples of Manual Attendance System are punch clocks, signature on paper sheets, paper cards which are time stamped using time stamping machine. It can be simple to implement, there is no expense on technology and there is no electricity or power required to maintain it. But there are high chances of human error, subject to manipulation, requires human oversight and calculating payroll can be laborious if there are too many employees. It has low scalability and no integration with other systems is possible.

Automated Time and Attendance system

Thanks to advancement in science and technology, time and attendance system have become automated and far more reliable. The common example of Automated Time and Attendance system are RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Electronic Tag or a chip/barcode badge, but these have been replaced by biometrics.         

Biometric Attendance System is more advanced time and attendance systems. Instead of using RFID, code or chip to identify the employee, they rely on a unique attribute of the person, such as a fingerprint, facial recognition, iris or retina. The employee will have their attribute scanned into the system. Nowadays, Biometric readers are often used along with an access control system, granting the person access to the office, and at the same time recording the time and date of entry and exit. Biometric attendance system also attempts to cut down on fraud such as buddy punching and ghost employees.  

Why Cuckootech?

Cuckootech Time and attendance system is equipped with unmatched features, read on to know more about them 

Hardware Features

Live and Fake finger detection: The traditional and ordinary biometric devices use only the imaging techniques and is susceptible to fraud attendance. Cuckootech's patented technology uses a multifarious recognition approach thereby rejecting fake fingerprints. 

Push Technology: As soon as an impression is captured by the biometric reader, the Push technology pushes the data to the cloud, thereby providing a real time update of the attendance, it makes faster work speeds and transactions possible.

No Software installation: You don't need to install the Time and Attendance software on client's PC. The Biometric Device starts working as soon as you plug the device in the system.   
Software Features

Attendance MIS & Analytics: Informative and easy to use reports can be generated through Cuckootech's Time and attendance solution. The reports that can be easily generated are Overtime report, Late In/Early out report, Total working hours report, etc. These reports help in analysing trends and cost and to increase the productivity.  

ERP Integration: Cuckootech's T&A solution comes with API and web services which can integrate seamlessly with ERP software such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Navision, Tally and many more.

Gamification: Who doesn't like playing games, it's the best anti-dote to increasing stress levels. In order to motivate the employees to use biometric device, Cuckootech gives points to the employees who adhere to the compliance. The highest point earner becomes Cuckootech champion of the month and he or she gets special bonus rewards. This leads to employees adhering to the rules. 

Employee Attendance: With Cuckootech's T&A solution, employees can mark attendance via web check-in, mobile check-in as well. The leave request can be sent to the manager for approval and employees can easily view their weekly offs, comp offs taken, overtime, holidays, etc. 

Cuckootech in association with it's hardware partner Verdi, can assist you globally. They have in house repairing services and a rich inventory of spare parts. Whether it's installation Attendance Software, commissioning or support, you are bound to get prompt and proper services. If you need any information you can visit their website or can call them directly on 022 4036 5432.

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