10 Features To Look For In Biometric Attendance System

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Everything is going digital! With the world moving towards a digital economy, today not only bigger organizations, but even small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups wish to automate their routine day-to-day tasks. Yes, most businesses today use digital devices like a card reader, but for time tracking and attendance of employees, many still rely on manual spreadsheets. Such a process is not only time-consuming, labor-intensive and difficult but also hampers the future growth and expansion of your business. Only when you have efficient internal systems that are scalable and effective, it is possible that your business can reach its full potential.

And adopting a biometric attendance system is the initial step in the expedition of achieving a profitable business. Today, the market is flooded with innumerous time and attendance systems. Some of which are advanced to the level of offering biometric access control systems. More options leave a businessman with more confusions about how to choose the perfect one for their business. Once you have decided to go in for biometric time trackers, the below-mentioned pointers would help you understand the top features you need to look for while evaluating biometric time trackers.

Number of stored fingerprints

Different kinds of biometric time tracking software are available for a wide variety of organizations, depending on their size. Today your business may be a startup and have a very few employees. But always ensure you look for biometric time trackers that are capable of storing and verifying a large number of fingerprints. So, this way, eventually over the period of time when your business grows, and you have a larger workforce, your current system is capable enough to accommodate this growth.

Durability and ruggedness

Ensure that the devices you end up buying are sturdy and durable. Consider weather conditions, compatibility with a moderate level of dust and dirt, scratch proof optical sensors, etc before you make a choice. Certain devices may look fancy and may even cost you lesser, but going with rugged and sturdy ones is always a better thing to do. This way you can be sure, irrespective of environmental factors and not very fragile handling, your sturdy fingerprint sensor works perfectly at all times.

360◦ verification angle

In today's world, everyone is always in a hurry! So would be your employees. They may tend to rush through the clocking in or clocking out process. So it would be wise for you to look for biometric time trackers that offer a 360◦ verification angle. It would ensure the employee fingerprints get identified quickly, regardless of the way they might have placed their finger on the optical sensor.

Access control

Time tracking is one aspect of biometric time attendance software. But such software can also be used for security purposes. You may wish to restrict the entry of non-authorized personnel into secure areas. So, ensure the biometric time attendance software has integrated access control functionalities.

Time taken for fingerprint identification

The success of any fingerprint attendance system is obviously measured with the accuracy of identification and the time taken for the process. So have devices that can sense fingerprints within a few seconds and are capable of transmitting the data quickly to and from the server.

Internet connectivity feature

Biometric fingerprint sensors work awesome with internet connectivity. The clock in-clock out data is transferred to the cloud via the internet. Instant data availability through the cloud can be done only with internet connectivity feature.

USB connectivity

Won't it be nice if your Biometric Attendance System can offer you an additional feature of USB connectivity? This way you would be able to back up your data of external devices too!

Battery backup

Biometric devices are of two types -wired and wireless. Whatever you end up choosing, a good thing to look out for would be devices that have a secondary battery backup. Such a feature would come to your rescue during emergencies and prolonged power shortage.

Integration to payroll management systems

The primary requirement of biometric time trackers is for computing employee payroll based on the working hours they have dedicated to your business. So, if your biometric devices can transfer data directly to the payroll software, things would definitely be much easier and simpler for payroll calculations.


After sales support is another thing you should look out for. Yes, biometric time tracking devices are easy-to-install and easy-to-use, but to have a good after sales support team is always beneficial. Reputed companies often offer you both -web assistance and in-place service support.

While zeroing down on perfect biometric attendance software for your business, make sure to check all the features listed above. Ensure you make a choice keeping in mind not only your current scenario but your company’s probable requirements for several years to come.

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