Where To Buy Magic Mushrooms in Canada?

by Jill Ross Marketer

If you go back a few years, you'll probably find yourself hitting up some weird dude to find Magic Mushrooms. But, now that Canada seems to finally ease the consumption of Magic Mushrooms for those with depression, it's a major concern as to where one can get these psychedelic Mushrooms in Canada. It's our responsibility to inform you that there are regulated laws for magic mushrooms in Canada and the US, and you still can't find Magic Mushrooms being sold openly in these two countries. If you're the one seeking medical help with Psilocybin Mushrooms, there are some ways you can purchase Magic Mushrooms safely and discreetly.

In the Streets of Canada

It's quite obvious that Magic Mushrooms in Canada are quite popular given the number of pleas registered to the government to make them legal. So, if you get in the streets and ask some trusted citizens, some of them might be able to tell you where you can get Magic Mushrooms. Just make sure you ask the people you trust entirely since it's still illegal to sell the Mushrooms openly. But, there's definitely a drawback when you purchase the shrooms from the streets, and that is with the quality. You should refer to the next recommendation if you wish to get guaranteed high-quality Magic Mushrooms products.

In Vancouver though, there has been store fronts that sells mushrooms. As of May 2021, and to the best of our knowledge, there has been 3 store fronts in downtown Vancouver that are openly selling magic mushrooms to their clients.

Trusted Online Stores

Without a doubt, if you have to name something the best source of Magic Mushrooms, that would be online stores that sell multiple shroom products. There are numerous online stores in Canada that sell Magic Mushrooms. SHAFAA Magic Mushrooms is one of the most trusted websites for buying shrooms online in the US and Canada. But, if you're still a part of the 'not so convinced' group of people who are dubious about buying shrooms online, it's quite understandable given they're technically illegal in Canada and the US. You should know that it's extremely rare for the police to prosecute online mushroom dispensaries since it eats up the resources needed for battling bigger crimes like crime groups who hold hard drugs. Just make sure you're above 19 years of age to be able to buy Magic Mushrooms online.

Below, we're listing some reasons you can consider buying shrooms online rather than contacting your shady local dealer yet again:

Wider Products Range

Online stores like SHAFAA Mushrooms not only offer mushrooms in their conventional dry format, but allow you to buy magic mushroom microdosing capsules, magic mushrooms edibles (including shroom gummiesshrooms chocolates,…), psilocybin tinctures and even shroom coffee and beverages. SHAFAA arguably offers the widest range of products in the whole market. They also offer you a varied range of dries shroom products, including Albino penis envy mushroomsgolden teacher mushrooms, blue meanies shrooms, wavy cap mushrooms, dancing tiger mushrooms, and many more.

Better Quality

Now, getting Magic Mushrooms online can be better than getting them from the streets since the products sold by these stores are guaranteed to be of high quality. You get to read multiple reviews by people who have already bought the Mushrooms online and be even more sure of the quality. Moreover, they'll be delivered to you at your doorstep, keeping your identity secure.

Super Easy

Remember what you go through while buying Mushrooms on the street? Finding a dealer, contacting him/her, waiting for their response, and finally meeting them in a super shady place to avoid people. Now, imagine getting even better quality Mushrooms while you scroll through a variety of products. A click and voila! Your order is placed to reach you as soon as possible. Your delivery guy won't probably know there are magic mushrooms in the package. So, it's definitely easier and safer.

Low Risk

Don't just go out and pick out Mushrooms in the forest because it can be highly risky to do so. Magic Mushrooms are really hard to identify, and you can easily mix them up with wild poisonous Mushrooms. But, when you buy Mushrooms online, their expert team makes sure they've tested all their products to deliver high-quality shrooms to you. Moreover, every website, including, uses the most secure methods of payment that protect your money at all costs. Even your personal information isn't shared with any third party keeping your identity safe and secure.

Consumer Service

Dealers won't exactly help you pick the right product and would deliver anything you randomly ask. Now, when you're living in a world where you're offered the best customer service with everything you purchase, you deserve the same treatment when it comes to purchasing magic mushrooms. Unlike your dealer, online shroom stores like SHAFAA Mushrooms will guide you as soon as you land on their website. You will be assisted by their team to carefully choose a product that delivers effects as required by you.


As mentioned above, even your delivery boy won't know what's inside your package. All the shrooms package delivered by will come in discreet packaging, giving no signs by smell or appearance that you've bought mushrooms. The discreet payment methods will make sure nothing suspicious is reflected in your bank account too.

The Bottom Line

We hope we've made it easier for you to understand how you can purchase Magic Mushrooms easily in Canada. It's time that you let go of that rude dealer now and switch to even better methods for much better quality products. Have a happy shopping experience!

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