Magic Mushrooms.... Are They For You?

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From alcoholism to depression, magic mushrooms have a lot of medicinal benefits, they are thought the help people with a lot of ailments. Some countries have a more varied supply than others, magic mushrooms Canada has to offer are exceptional in that the dosage is clearly stated. Magic mushrooms can be bought in many forms, from magic mushroom chocolate bars to magic mushroom oil, the possibilities are endless.

A magic mushroom chocolate bar is the perfect example of utilising the properties of psilocybin which is the active psycadelic substance within magic mushrooms. There are means of having the same effects of magic mushrooms without having to actually consume a whole or part of a magic mushroom.

The magic mushrooms Canada has to offer come in many forms from chocolate to savoury edibles and dishes, there really is something for everybody.

Benefits Of Magic Mushrooms

The benefits of magic mushrooms have been proven in scientific studied that have taken place, these studies take advantage of the placebo effect in their studies and other than the actual consumption of psilocybin the participants are under the same conditions.

The study lasted 8 hours and there were trained medical personnel on site at all times just incase anybody suffered an adverse reaction. The participants were provided with headphones which played soft and gentle music to the participants and they were also provided with eye coverings. This experiment worked similar to a therapy session however the majority of the session was in quiet silence and the participants spent time evaluating themselves introspectively. All participants boasted of positive effects from the experiment and said it benefitted them in one way or another.

There have been proven benefits of the compound within magic mushrooms to treat various psychiatric disorders, from anxiety to schizophrenia there are plenty of studies which show the development of this psychedelic substance can be highly beneficial.

Whilst it is a common misconception that taking magic mushrooms makes a person “out of it”. The active compound of magic mushrooms is proven to help people to quit smoking, stop alcoholism and help depression.

When you search “magic mushrooms pros and cons” on the internet the first item, and few items, that come up are all about magic mushrooms treating depression. A controversial method admittedly, the correlation between magic mushroom taking and the improvements in a person suffering from treatment resist depression are undeniably not a coincidence.

There is of course a darker side to magic mushrooms that are not properly regulated, not everybody's mind and soul agree with magic mushrooms, some people may have adverse effects, as is the case with many medications. What works for one person may be the absolute opposite for another person, everybody is unique and their complex workings are also.

As a summary, magic mushrooms can be exceptionally fun and boast significant psychological benefits, however there is always the risk that they may disagree with a person and they may have a negative reaction to them physically or psychologically. Either way, it is important to know what you’re taking and remain safe at all times.

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