What You Need to Learn about Scoliosis Surgery

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People with scoliosis deal with an abnormal curvature of their spine. It causes them to have uneven shoulders or hips, so they lean a little to the side as they walk or stand. Most of the cases of their medical condition have no known causes, except hereditary or genetic links.

The curvature of the backbone varies from slight to severe. If its angle is 45 degrees or higher, doctors may recommend back surgery in Atlanta. Without this treatment, the condition canworsen as the patient ages. Not to worry, though. The procedure, which straightens your spine and improves your posture, has a high success rate.

About the Surgery

Spinal fusion is an operation that treats scoliosis. It involves fusing two or more bones to stop the growth of the uneven segments in your back and prevent the condition from getting worse. Metal rods attached by screws are used to hold the spine in place as it heals.

The entire procedure may take four to eight hours, depending on the severity of the case.Doctors need to first determine how much of the curve can be corrected through a series of x-rays and MRI scans. Your spine protects your spinal cord, which is essential for your whole nervous system. In some rare instances, it's possible that the backbonecan't be fully straightened.

After the Surgery

Patients may have to stay in the hospital for a couple of days after the surgery for observation. Pain is normal because your bones and muscles are adjusting to the braces and healing. You'll be given medication to ease whatever you're feeling.

Most people improve upon the fourth or fifth day when the pain has gradually decreased. However, you probably won’t able to do anything that requires a lot of physical activity yet.

Full Recovery

You'll be cleared to return to school or work around a month after the surgery. During the first six months, you won't be allowed to do strenuous activities, like running, jumping, or lifting any heavy objects. You'll also have to return to your surgeon several times for post-op checkups.

Complete healing after the back surgery in Atlanta may take up to a year. The wait, however, is worth it. You’ll be reaping the benefits of having a straightened back and improved posture. And who knows? Maybe you’ll even be able to do things you never thought you’d be able to do!

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