What is the Cost of Scoliosis Surgery in India?

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Scoliosis is the deformity of the spine, causing a person’s backbone to curve to one side. In this condition, a side curvature in the spine is visibly apparent and often affects the functioning of other organs such as the heart or lungs.

Scoliosis is usually a mild condition and can be treated with non-surgical treatment. However, a person has to undergo a surgical treatment if their scoliosis is severe and has the possibility getting worse over time. A person with scoliosis may endure chronic pain, face respiratory problems, and find it difficult to exercise. The causes of the alterations in the spine appearance are usually not known, but are oftentimes linked to other conditions such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, etc.

The angle of the sideways curvature varies depending on the severity of a patient’s scoliosis. If the curvature of your spine measures anything less than 10 degrees, then it considered to be a normal straight spine. A mild curvature measures more than 10 degrees and moderate curvature is between 20 to 50 degrees. Anything beyond that is a condition of severe scoliosis and requires immediate surgical treatment.

Symptoms of Scoliosis

The main thing easily discernible in an individual with scoliosis is the abnormal posture of their spine when they are standing. They may put weight on the one side of their body or their shoulder blades may appear uneven.

The other symptoms of scoliosis include:

  • Asymmetrical shoulder elevation– when one shoulder appears higher than the other
  • When one hip is abnormally high or more noticeable than other
  • A tilted head that is not centered over the hips
  • Rib cages are not even and are at different heights
  • Waist rests in an uneven position
  • When a person leans more to a single side
  • Back pain but not very painful

Causes of Scoliosis

The causes of scoliosis can be categorized into three main classes, namely; congenital, idiopathic, and neuromuscular.

·         When the doctors are not unable to diagnose the accurate cause of scoliosis, then this type of scoliosis is termed as idiopathic, which accounts for around 80% of scoliosis cases.

·         Whereas congenital scoliosis occurs as a birth defect and one or more vertebrae are dislocated at any place in the spine as a result of congenital malformation. These vertebral deformities lead to an extended curvature on one side due to the absence of synchronization between different vertebral columns. The type and location of abnormalities determine the severity of scoliosis and the rate at which it develops.  

·         Neuromuscular scoliosis is a type of scoliosis formed as a consequence of primary neurological or muscular diseases. The diseases such as muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, and spinal cord trauma are linked to the cause of scoliosis. This kind of scoliosis is severe and advances at a fast pace as compared to idiopathic scoliosis and necessitate a surgical treatment.

Spinal Fusion – Surgical treatment for Scoliosis

An x-ray will be done in order to accurately diagnose the condition of your scoliosis and the degree to which your spine is curved. The non-surgical treatment involves repeated x-rays for observing the progress of scoliosis. If the growth continues to persist, then a brace would be suggested for impeding the progress if the curve is between 25 degrees and 40 degrees.

A spinal fusion surgery would be recommended only when the curve measures more than 40 degrees and there are signs of further progression. Spinal fusion can be done using an anterior approach or posterior approach, according to the patient’s condition.

During a spinal fusion, the curved vertebrae are fused together as one for the purpose of forming a single stable bone. This will completely halt the growth of the curvature and prevent the further expansion of the abnormal portion of the spine.

All types of spinal fusion surgical treatment require the use of some type of a material such as stainless steel rods, hooks or a bone graft. A bone graft is most commonly used to facilitate bone fusion. It enhances bone production and help in converting two vertebrae into a one solid bone.

In bone grafting, small fragments of bone are located in the gaps between the vertebrae in an effort to cement them together. Afterwards, these fused bones continue to develop as one and healing occurs. Stainless steel rod is attached to the spine with the help of hooks or wire for the purpose of holding it in place during the surgery.

The healing process takes place over the next few months until the spine no longer bends and becomes more rigid. The segment of the spine where no surgery is done will still remain flexible and move normally.

Scoliosis Surgery Cost in India

The cost for scoliosis surgery in India starts from INR 4,94,760 that is inclusive of all the relevant charges of the surgical treatment. We do not overstate our rates and provide the scoliosis treatment at low prices contrary to the other hospitals. We understand that treating the spine for various issues is a critical task and require utmost care and accuracy in the surgical process. Our orthopedic surgeons at Spine Surgery India have more than 30 years of experience in performing the scoliosis surgery and provide their services at an affordable price.

If you’re planning to visit Chennai for your scoliosis treatment, then the scoliosis surgery cost in Chennai is around INR 5,00,000, which is the best price you can get for an effective scoliosis surgery in Chennai. And if you’re searching for a place to get scoliosis surgery in Bangalore, then Spine Surgery India is the best option for you as the scoliosis surgery cost in Bangalore is INR 4,80,000, which includes all the expenses from the beginning of the treatment to end and we do not ask for additional charges once the final payment is received. India is a preferred destination for scoliosis surgery because first-class treatments are offered at an acceptable price.

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