Scoliosis Surgery in India – Explore different types of scoliosis

by Ankit Sharma Healthcare Consultant

Scoliosis Surgery

Scoliosis Surgery in India - Scoliosis is a genetic disorder that results in postural deformity. This postural deformity is caused because of the sideways curve of the spinal cord. Scoliosis is seen in the developing years of the child before puberty.

The degree at which the curve bends is different for different people.  In some cases, there are no changes in the curve whereas, in some, the curve increases gradually with time. Thus children who suffer from scoliosis are scanned frequently to check if the curve of the spine increasing. They do not require any treatment but are recommended to wear braces to stop the worsening of the spine. In cases where the curve of the spine worsens, the person suffers from spine disorders. In the critical cases of scoliosis, the curve of the spine results in a reduced gap between the chests and results into abnormal functioning of the lungs. Such severe cases of scoliosis in which the degree of curve is more than 45 degree, scoliosis surgery is required. Although it is a major step, the benefits of scoliosis surgery in India are vast.

 Scoliosis Surgery in India – Explore different types of scoliosis


The type of scoliosis surgery depends upon the curve of the patient and its severity. 

Following are the various types of scoliosis surgery: 

  • Posterior Approach: In this process, the abnormal curve of the spine is corrected by implanting two rods of titanium or steel.

  • Anterior-Posterior Approach: Also known as the front- back approach, this type of surgery is used when the patients have rigid curves of the spine. In this procedure, one curve is treated from the front as well as back and if there is a second curve, it is approached only from the back.

  • Anterior Approach: Curves that are rare or are abnormal are treated with this approach. The thoracolumbar and thoracic curve is treated in this way. In this type of surgery, a rod is implanted sideways of the spine.

  • Video-assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS): It is used for the people who are having a thoracic curve. This type of surgery demands temporary deflation of one lung and makes use of cameras and scopes to see the spine.

  • Thoracoplasty: This type of surgery is used for patients whose scoliosis has resulted in a significant rib hump. The objective of this type of surgery is to correct this hump.

  • Osteotomies: It is used to correct the deformity of the spine by cutting and removing the bone. They are used in case of adults whose curve has become rigid with time or in children who have large curves.

  • Hemivertebrae Excision:  This type of surgery is used for a hemivertebrae, which is known as a wedge-shaped vertebral and is different from the normal vertebra. It is formed before the birth of the child.

  • Vertebral Column Resection (VCR): This type of surgery involves the removal of one or more vertebrae by using an anterior-posterior or posterior approach. In this approach, the spinal column is removed, aligned and then reconnected with the aid of spinal implants.

Benefits of Scoliosis Surgery

Since scoliosis surgery is performed to improve the postural deformity, it gives innumerable benefits to the patient.

Following are the Benefits of Scoliosis Surgery:

  • With scoliosis surgery, a patient is able to carry on his/her daily activities without any difficulty.

  • People, who don’t go for surgery, may increase the curve by 35%-100% in future.

  • There is no chance of pseudoarthrosis after the surgery.

  • Overcomes complications of lung and heart and increases the span of life.

  • Proves to be helpful in getting past the spinal disorders.

  • Scoliosis surgery provides normal alignment of the spine.

  • People feel more confident about the newly obtained posture.

  • The imbalance between the hips or the shoulders is overcome.

Why choose India for Scoliosis Surgery?

India has raised its bar in the field of healthcare and medicine by providing the best medical facilities at an affordable cost. With the advent of extensive researches and new technology, it provides medical treatment for diseases and ailments of all domains.  The hospitals and medical institutes of India have teams of highly skilled spine surgeons, neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons who have excelled knowledge and experience in performing scoliosis surgery. 

These centers are equipped with the most advanced infrastructure and provide quality treatment at an affordable price, due to which a large number of international patients come to India for scoliosis surgery.

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