What Kind Of Children's Book Attracts Children?

by Rai K. The Best Book Printers In China

Childrens psychology is simple and complex. What kind of printed children's book can fit children's mind, produce valuable "first-sight effects"? Publishing and printing a children's book is a huge project. It requires the authors and children's book printing designers to make great efforts in children's book concepts, colors, printed materials, etc., in order to print and publish a book that is loved by children.


What is the concept of children book?

Children’s book publishing has always had the two standards of "educational" and "childlike innocence". Children’s book printing also has the responsibility of cultivating children's healthy personality world and emotional world.

When children's book authors and children's book printing designers understand the concept of the books, it is easy to finish the book based on children's psychology.

1. When writing children's books, the writers should pay attention to the actual reading needs of children's readers and respect children's psychological characteristics.

2. When designing a children's book, designers should design the printed children's books with a childlike heart, so that the books have artistic and market vitality.

3. Regardless of whether it is the content or design of children's books, please throw away your rational shell when creating, and try to observe the world with children's eyes.


Choose different colors as per the reader's age

Color is an eye-catching artistic language in children's book printing. Children's book printing color has visual impact and is an important element to beautify children's book printing. Children's book printing is inseparable from bright colors and images, because rich colors can cultivate children's aesthetic ability.

1. Children like brightly colored images, so bold colors can be used in the printing design of children's books to attract children's attention. However, unscientific color usage may cause harm to children's eyes.

2. Clarify the positioning of children's book printing colors, and match colors according to children's preferences.

Children of all ages have different perceptions of color. Before printing children's book, you need to know which age children are your readers. 

For example: children in early childhood can only recognize basic colors such as red, yellow, and blue; children over 3-5 years old can gradually distinguish the concentration and purity of colors; children over 6 years old are more able to distinguish colors and prefer colors with strong contrast.

In short, color is an important bridge for information transmission between children and the book. Designers and authors use color to guide children to better perceive the outside world and cultivate their keen aesthetic ability.


Please make sure to use safe materials in children's book printing

Unlike adults, children do not rely solely on vision to perceive the world, but touch is also a very important way. Therefore, the selection of children's book printing materials needs to ensure safety. When choosing children's book printing materials, children's book printing designers must not only consider the overall effect of the book, but also consider the age group of the readers.


1. Children between the ages of 3 and 6 cannot read text freely. Therefore, books of this age group are mostly based on graphics. When choosing paper, designers should choose paper with better color expression and thicker texture.

2. The reading ability of children between the ages of 7 and 13 has been greatly enhanced, and children in this period have already gone to school, so when books of this age group should choose paper or other materials with natural colors and a small burden on the eyes.

3. When printing children's books of younger ages, you should try to avoid choosing coated paper, because this kind of paper has high hardness and sharp edges, which can easily cause damage to the skin of children.

4. When choosing fabrics for children's book binding and finishing ways, cotton fabrics should be used more, because it has a soft texture.

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