How to choose the right paper for book printing in China

by Rai K. The Best Book Printers In China

China book printing technology and paper making technology have a long history, and today's book printing services in China can also be exported to the world. With the technology and low prices for printing in China, more and more publishing houses and self-publishing authors from all over the world choose China book printing.

However, as a professional China book printing company with more than 20 years of experience, we have also seen many book printing designs. But unfortunately, many designs have appeared a "renderings designers" situation. Because the book renderings made by book printing designers are very beautiful, but they lack the ability of book printing, resulting in poor actual effects in their final printed books.

So, today I want to popularize the types and characteristics of common paper with you. I hope that book printing designers can create superior designs using China book printing paper and methods.


Generally speaking, paper can be divided into four categories for book printing product: offset paper, light weight coated paper, coated paper and specially paper.


1. Offset paper

Offset paper is a kind of high-grade printing paper, which is generally used for full-color book printing on offset presses. Offset paper has small flexibility, uniform ink absorption, good smoothness, opacity, and strong water resistance. They are often used in the printing of catalog, comics book and childrens book printing in China.


2. Light weight coated paper

Light weight coated paper refers to paper with less coating processing in coated paper. With the advancement of modern coating technology in book printing China, the quality of light weight coated paper has gradually improved. The advantage of light weight coated paper is that the printing cost is low, so using it as the inner page paper for book printing helps to balance the cost of book printing. In China book printing, they are often used for magazine printing and brochure printing.


3. Coated paper

More paint is added than lightly coated paper, and paper with a smooth surface is called coated paper. The surface of the coated paper has perfect processing, so use the coated paper printing in China, the color reduction degree of the printed book, that is to say, it can reproduce the photos in the book very well. Furthermore, the thickness of coated paper is also thinner than other papers of the same price. In China book printing, they are often used in book printing with high quality of printed pictures, such as catalog printing and photo book printing.


4. Specially paper

In fact, in book printing China, specially paper is just a general term for special paper. There are also many types of special paper, such as colorful paper, paper with special functions, paper with unique tone or texture, and so on. Generally speaking, the price of special paper is higher than that of common printing paper, but the effect of making special prints is also extraordinary.

1) Kraft paper

Kraft paper is tough and water-resistant, suitable for packaging printing. Its color is close to the original color of wood and is suitable for traditional or retro-style designs. But the color rendering of kraft paper is not good, it is only suitable for single-color printing.

2) Pearl paper

Pearl paper is composed of three parts: bottom fiber, filler and surface coating. Its surface is very smooth, thick, reflective and pearly. In China book printing, it is often used for high-quality book printing.

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