How to be a designer who understands book printing

by Rai K. The Best Book Printers In China

The final presentation of the book design is to be achieved through printed books. For a book printing designer, they must know some basic knowledge about the book printing process if they hope their book printing can perfect presentation after printed book. Otherwise, a better book printing design still cannot come true without the book printing knowledge to support it, it will only be on paperin the end.

Book printing is the only way to present your book printing design. Whether this book printing process can be smooth, depends on whether your book printing design can meet the request of book printing in China.

In book printing China, the book printing companies in China cannot finish their book printing orders smoothly because the design cannot meet the book printing requirements. Why the book printing companies in China have no choice but to return the book design or request book printing design to modify their work? Because the designer lack printing practice, not enough understanding of the Chinese book printing process. In fact, different papers, different inks, and different book printing machines both will make your book with a different printed book.

It can be seen how important it is to master certain book printing knowledge and carry out certain book printing practices. Today, let us tell you some basic book printing in China knowledge you cannot miss!

Image color mode

The design is supported by image data. Many designers are used to designing based on the color of the image displayed on the computer monitor. In the end, they find that the custom coloring book printing is different from the color previously seen on the monitor.

This is because the color mode of many images is the RGB color model, which means that the color of the image we see on the computer monitor is mostly the RGB color mode. However, the CMYK color mode is used for full-color book printing, which is a specific color obtained by the proportion of four colors (C, M, Y, K) according to the quantity, and each color can be reproduced according to the four-color numerical ratio.

Because some of the colors provided by the RGB mode are beyond the printing color range, when full-color book printing in China, some brightness will inevitably be lost, and the more vivid colors will definitely be distorted. When book printing in China, the system will automatically convert the RGB mode to CMYK mode, which will inevitably lose part of the color and lighten a certain amount of brightness, so the distortion phenomenon in the printed books will be very serious.

So please use CMYK mode when designing a printed book!

Bleeding line setting

For book printing in China, we can get the printed book through a few book printing processes after book design. The process of printing books in China is designing - typesetting - printing - cutting - binding - finishing. In the process of printing books in China, cutting means cut a part of unwanted content, the book needs to be cut to a standard size before binding. However, there will be errors during cutting and will not be completely aligned with the boundary of the printed books. The function of the bleeding line is to mark the safe range so that the paper-knife will not cut to the content that should not be cut.

When initially setting the page size and subsequent imposition, it is necessary to set the position of the bleeding line if printing books in China. In fact, as long as we understand the role of the bleeding line, setting the bleeding line is very simple. The bleeding line is generally set to 3mm, and there are cases where it is set to 5mm, but it depends on the specific situation. After the printed books are completed, you will see white borders around the prints; there are also some prints whose text or picture content is printed in the gutter, which affects the effect of the work, especially some of the requirements are very fine. So, in the design, the setting of the bleeding line is very important.


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