What is Virtual Debit/Visa Cards and How Do You Get One

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Now, without entering your purse or pocket, you can shop the Internet. An electronic product with all the benefits and the flexibility of a physical chip is a virtual debit card. It is a secure way to buy goods or equipment on the Internet that also monitors how your money is spent. Upon consent, applicants are sent straight to your inbox within minutes an electronic debit card that is ready for use. This item does not risk disclosure to security-conscious shoppers of debit account, loan card, or private data.

Virtual Visa Card

A Virtual Visa Card is a prepayment debit card without a debt limit, so you cannot compromise any loan. Virtual debit cards are ideal for online use because the hackers cannot use them beyond the charged amount and current life limit even if the card data is compromised.

As its title implies, digital debit cards are online and physically given. They have no cosmetic existence whatsoever. They are practically all there is, and that is how they protect. Virtual debit cards are produced basically regularly to safeguard your traditional debit card data when purchasing internet.

How Virtual Debit Card guarantees the security

Antitheft guarantees are one of the more appealing characteristics of this board and the reason why it exists. The amount of a digital debit card is nearly current and can only be used once. This characteristic decrease mainly any uncertainty regarding robbery.

How to get a virtual Debit card

Like a standard debit card, a temporary debit card is simple to use. The use of these digital slots is quite easy to create internet acquisition.

·         The first part you have to do is build a list of the name you need. Provide the bank from which you take the net banking service with your card details.

·         The broker then gives you a simulated loan card amount of 16 digits.

·         Enter the amount of the created debit card. Upload the system with as much cash as you have to pay and the sum you need to pay from your bank is given.

You do not have to complete any additional information, such as CVV number, expiry date or anything else, as a continuous or physical debit card must. That is why today, for secure online shopping, virtual debit cards are more favored.


Generally, these digital debit cards are only valid for between 24 and 48 hours. While some companies such as ICICI have an older period of expiry. She subsequently destroys herself. Only one deposit by these debit cards is possible for customers.


Clients can use either the whole or some of the quantity flexibly. The equilibrium of the residue is attributed to the consideration of the customer. For use, there is no extra service charge.


It may not be mobile in physical places to swipe digital debit cards. Data on a virtual debit card are displayed or emailed to an application dashboard. Virtual debit cards are extremely cheaper than the customer itself, since they are expensive to create, ship and process the transaction, except that the number of places the customer may spend is substantially reduced because the cardholders only can spend money online.

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