How to use a portable induction burner effectively

by Sharon Martin Blogger and SEO Professional

Portable induction burner is such a cooktop that both saves your precious time and help you cook food in a short and relaxing way.

In this modern age, people are always in a hurry. They don’t want to waste any time and finish any chores as soon as possible and that includes cooking. Cooking needs a lot of attention if you want to cook perfectly. But with the portable induction burner, you can cook fast and easily.

Increasing and decreasing temperature easily

You can easily increase or decrease the temperature easily in the portable induction burner. To use it effectively you have to know the right way of increasing or decreasing the heat. Usually, there are two buttons for this option. You have to do it manually. You can increase the temperature manually and decrease the temperature at any steps of cooking if it is necessary. The best portable induction burner has another mode called preset mode. In preset modes, there are several options such as the option to warm water, to boil vegetables, etc. If you choose an option the burner will automatically choose the suitable temperature for that. You can also manually increase or decrease the temperature in preset mode.

Using other features

The best portable induction burner has other features like timer mode, sleep mode, etc. While cooking food, you can set the timer mode if you are certain about the preparing time of the food and relax. You can off the timer manually if you think the food is already cooked before the time set on the burner. The timer and cooking will be automatically off after the determined time set on the timer. This is called sleep mode. It gives you time to relax without the tension of burning the food.

The cookware fit to use

You cannot use every pot, pans, griddles, skillets on your portable induction burner. Your cookware has to be suitable to use on the induction burner. You can use cast iron, enameled cast iron, stainless steel, magnetic material cookware on the induction burner. You cannot use the cookware made of glass, copper or aluminum. It’s better to avoid using interface disk on the bottom of the cookware while cooking on the induction burner because this disk might not endure the heat and burn the food.

Some basic steps to cooking food on the induction burner

Remember to buy the best portable induction burner in the market. Before cooking the food put the induction burner on a safe, non-metallic surface, a little further from other objects. Ensure a safe electronic connection. After putting the pot with the cooking ingredients on the burner, turn on the induction burner and set the temperature on the determined level required. You can set the timer if you want and when cooking is complete, just turn the burner off. Do not unplug the burner before the fan stops spinning.

Safety features

The best portable induction burner has a huge number of safety features such as automatic pan detection, child lock, overheating prevention, high or low voltage protection, over-cooking protection, etc. These features make cooking more easy for the cooks.

Final thoughts

There are many features in the portable induction burner. But once you master all of these features, cooking becomes a lot easier and saves enough time of you. You can cope up with your tight schedule easily then.

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