Most Captivating Research of the 6th Annual Mars Conference

by Sharon Martin Blogger and SEO Professional

Have you ever heard of the statement the past is still the present? In the cause of searching for the evidence of lives in the past, people tend to forget the sight that has been hidden. Several annual Mars conferences entail researches made on the existence of life on some other planets like the mars.

At the 6th annual Mars the conference, information has been passed by scientists who have been on a visit to the mars that there are chances of life existing on Mars via hiding in caves, and living on small pockets of water around the cave. Some of these findings have been submitted for publishing in the journal of nature.

A similarity in the signs found on Mars includes methane signatures and some other biological activities which are similar to the exact occurrence in the caves found on Earth. Theories have once been formed earlier and this entails the fact that Subsurface of Martian could serve as habitat for biological organisms that have adapted strange strategies in order to sustain living in extreme environments.

Comparing all these discoveries shared at the 6th annual Mars conference with data retrieved from telescopes that are ground-based and data from orbiting spacecraft, a very strong fact could be deduced on the existence of life below the surface of Mars.

Another fact to base this fact on is the discovered methane signatures which are a sign of an underground biosphere that is active coupled with Earthly found mineral salt and some other bodies of acidic water which has been discovered to protect living organisms from the hostile environment. Investigations are still ongoing concerning the presence of methane gas.

In past research, scientists made it known that recovered meteorites from the hills of Allen region of Antarctica had in their possession evidence of previous living condition on Mars. But till date, the research remains a controversial one as other researchers find it hard to believe that meteorites could hold such evidence on microbial existence on Mars.

Some other observed research carried out by involving the populace on the past and present life on earth includes:

1. Reoccurring life Experiences

This experience is common to most people throughout the world. This comes along with feeling like the present event happening to you have once occurred to you or around you in the past. You feel like you have done the same thing before which possibly you have never done.

An example is an investigation carried out by Peter Ramster on Cynthia Henderson who recollects a story part of the French Revolution. When Cynthia was under a trance, she without accent spoke French clearly, understood all questions asked in French and also answered back in French, she knew street names that have changed and could have only been found put on old maps.

2. Children having adult memories

Recently, there have been cases of young children remembering stories of the previous life without no one telling them, most especially in part of the world where the reincarnation the concept is accepted. Hindu and the Buddhist tend to accept things like this and some other countries of South Asia. The Shiite of Lebanon and also Turkey, Northwest of America and West Africa have recorded over 2600 cases of previous life memories. Information gotten from these children are most times matched with their former identity, residence family, and the manner of death experienced.

3. Speaking of languages that were not learned (Xenoglossy)

This is a situation whereby someone speaks a language he or she was never taught. This kind of situation is very difficult to explain. A very good example is a report of a blond speaking Chinese dialect when under hypnosis. The event was recorded and she spoke for over eleven minutes. When the record was taken to a professor in oriental studies, it was found out that she was reciting a forbidden ancient Chinese religion.

These are signs and evidence linking the previous life with the present today we are living in.

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