5 Reason Why You Should Use Debit Cards For Your Transactions

by Tarun K. Love Travel
These days almost every carries a debit card in their pockets and purses. However, not every person understands the advantages that come with having one. It is very easy to just swipe a card but you must understand what actually you are doing.

Many debit cards are issued by the banks so that you can move the money quickly from one place to other by electronic means. If you are buying something then the money is taken directly from the account. It is important for you to only use cards from trusted platforms such as Citibank. They are very reliable and provide great services. Make sure to avail the benefit of citibank offers, and get some amazing Deals.

Here are five reasons why you should use debit cards for your transactions:

1) Remain responsible for your spending 
Debit cards are also known as "check cards" to pass on their capacity as a plastic check. When you buy an item using a credit card, you don't have to make the payment right away but with debit cards, this is not the case. 

This will actually help you and stop you from overspending. You can only spend the amount you have. With a credit card, you can make an impulsive decision and later worry about how to pay for it.

2) Keep you on a budget
As debit cards can stop you from overspending money it also helps to keep you on a budget. With debit cards, you can spend the money in the account. For suppose if you wrote a check to someone and till that time you spent all the money in the account, the check will bounce. This can create an issue for you. 

If you would have done this by debit card then you would have left no more excess money. It has also got portals through which you can track your transactions and amount left which will additionally help you to stay on a budget.

3) These are more secure
If your wallet is stolen then for sure all the money inside it is gone which is not the case with debit cards. The debit cards require a pin which only you know. Additionally, the moment your wallet gets stolen you can call the bank and have the card blocked. 

This way if the thief tries to access the account with that card then he can be caught. This is a very secure way to carry money without thinking of it getting stolen. Always trust companies that are established for a long time such as Citibank. This is an amazing company which provides citibank offers that would benefit you.

4) Avoid interest charges
Debit cards and Credit cards are often pitched against each other and this is the deciding point. Credit cards are often criticized for charging high-interest rates but that is not the case with debit cards. With debit cards, you can avoid expensive interest rate payments and at the same time carry your money electronically.

5) Convenience
The best part about using a debit card is that the transaction can be done in seconds and the process is really easy. This is an electronic card that transfers the amount from your bank account to someone else. It’s is even quicker than writing a cheque to someone. When you are using a debit card you don’t need to carry a lot of cash with you. This takes out the fear of running out of money in a situation.

With the advancement of technology, it is made possible that a small card can transfer money from one account to other. This card is safe to use and environmentally friendly as it promotes electronic payment. The above list is a compilation of five reasons why you should use a debit card for your transactions.

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