What does ghee taste like?

by Milkio Foods Grass-Fed ghee from New Zealand

Ghee is a popular superfood that has amazing health benefits. Ghee is not only healthy but tasty also. Ghee originated in India and it is an integral part of Indian cooking. Earlier, ghee was not recommended for its fat  content. But modern studies have revealed that ghee contains good fats that helps in weight loss.

Nowadays, ghee is used almost all over the world. But there are also few people who haven’t tasted this pure dairy staple. What does ghee taste like, is a common question for them. The answer is simple, as pure cow ghee is tasteless and mostly neutral. 

Ghee is a versatile cooking ingredient

Ghee or clarified butter can be a superhero in your kitchen. Ghee’s nutty aroma enhances the taste of any dish easily. Just a  few drops of ghee can do magic in your simple dish. Ghee can be infused with different flavors for adding special taste in it. Nowadays, ghee is available in different flavors like garlic ghee, chilli ghee, chocolate ghee, lime ghee and much more. If you find the taste of ghee to be neutral, then it is fresh. ee tastes extra refined, with a nuttiness coming out from the caramelization of the milk solids. However, if ghee is rancid, it becomes sour, which is an alarming sign that the ghee is slowly spoiling.

Ghee Texture

Not all ghee are the same. Ghee made from 100% grass-fed cow’s milk is the best in quality. Pure ghee offers a velvety mouthfeel of freshness. This unique half-creamy half-granular texture adds a beautiful taste when ghee gets melted in the mouth. Ghee is made from unsalted butter to avoid the salty flavor in it. 

Taste of ghee Vs. Butter

The taste of clarified butter and butter is quite different although they are produced from milk. Butter tastes creamy with a milky savory taste whereas ghee is of natty flavor and blunt in taste. Butter is available in both salted and unsalted variety but pure ghee is always of the same bland taste. Unfused butter is not that available but infused ghee is quite popular. With pure ghee taste, this flavored ghee adds spicy taste in your cooked food.

 Storage Recommendation of Ghee

If you want to keep your ghee fresh for a  longer time, you should maintain some directions. A good-quality ghee stays intact for at least 12-18 months. Check the below  listed points.

  1. You should place the ghee-storage container into a dry and dark shelf of your kitchen cabinet. Cow ghee remains fine within the dry and dark place as this dairy is a photosensitive item.

  2. Unusual and frequent exposure to sunlight or glaring light may spoil the texture and aroma of grass-fed cow ghee and it may hamper the overall product quality. Equally, proximity to humidity and frequent exposure to air is detrimental to cow ghee shelf-life.

  3. A closed shelf or a dark and dry kitchen cabinet is the best option for storing ghee and to extend ghee shelf life longer than usual.



You may buy Milkio pure cow ghee. Made in New Zealand, Milkio pure ghee is made from 100% grass-fed cow milk. Milkio ghee is available for both online and regular purchases. What does ghee taste like? Milkio cow ghee offers fresh feel good flavor with an excellent taste.

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