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Supplements refer to anything ‘extra’, an ‘addition’ to the normal. Health supplements are dietary substitutes taken to complete the ratio of nutrients in the body which cannot be fulfilled with daily diet. Health supplements range from protein bars to multivitamins, BCAAs products, and lots more. Our concern today is however confined to supplements for muscle growth. There are numerous health products manufactured for muscle synthesis, muscle regeneration and muscle mass increase. Let us then take a look at them.


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Creatine is a very important supplement for muscle growth. It is a molecule that is produced naturally in our body and provides energy for our muscles and other tissues.

Taking creatine rich supplements will increase it up by 40% beyond its normal levels. This high level of creatine affects our muscle cells and exercise performance, leading to muscle gain. Various researches have shown that creatine improves muscle strength which is good news if you are trying to gain muscle. Greater strength will allow you to perform better during exercise, and ultimately help to larger increases in muscle mass over time.

In addition to that, creatine also increases water content in our muscle cells. This may help the muscle cells to swell slightly and produce signals for muscle growth. Above all, creatine supplements also increase the levels of the hormones involved in muscle growth, such as IGF-1and decrease the breakdown of proteins in our muscles

Protein Supplements

Protein, the next best supplement for muscle growth, is the building block of human body. Consuming the right proportion of proteins is critical for gaining muscle. When it comes to gaining muscles, one needs to consume more proteins than his body breaks down through natural processes. Protein rich diet is not always possible in this hectic lifestyle, therefore protein rich supplements are recommended. The most popular protein supplements are whey, casein and soy protein. Adding these extra protein via supplements lead to more muscle gain in people who exercise.

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Weight Gainers

Weight gainers are those specific supplements manufactured so as to conveniently help people get more calories and protein. They are typically used by individuals who struggle to gain muscle.

Protein rich supplements not only provides protein but also enough carbs that supply healthy calories. It works wonders on weight gainers.

Recent studies have shown that drastically increasing calories can increase lean mass like muscle, as long as we eat enough protein. All in all weight gainers must include protein health supplements regularly in their diet.


Beta-alanine is a very significant amino acid in the case of muscle growth. It is effective in reduceing fatigue and also increase exercise performance. Add to that, beta-alanine also helps to increase muscle mass if one is following an exercise program.

Various researches have been conducted on the effects of beta alanine and others are in queue, but all of them have guaranteed the tremendous effect of beta alanine on muscle growth.

Takeaway: Supplementation is the basis of muscle growth. With advanced research, there are all kinds of health supplements available now. Just click on and avail the best ones.


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