What Are Pocket Knives Used For?

by Emma Will Saty Healthy

There are different kinds of blades that each have their own capacity and functionality. Based on how you use them, you can choose from an array of different knives. But one of the most common and handy blades you will come across are pocket knives. For someone who hasn’t used a lot of them or ever, this may seem strange. In actuality, if you think what are pocket knives used for, the amount of implications might surprise you. They are multifunctional to the max, especially considering that was the main reason they were invented. From simple cutting and slicing to aiding in proper missions, they are useful in different ways. 

The utility of a pocket knife goes beyond just the purpose of a small blade. Compactness is obviously a special factor because it can be carried everywhere. The second thing is that they were especially made to fulfill more than one function at a time. If you need something for cooking or fixing up a broken electronic, one pocket knife can do both. They were not very common when they were invented but eventually cheap pocket knives became available to the masses. To understand the full potential of a pocket knife, let’s explore their history a little bit. 

Origin and Evolution Of Pocket Knives

Every kind of tool ever created had a purpose and a need it was made to fulfill. In the case of pocket knives, it was several and they were all immediate. They were invented for soldiers in the military as weapons as well as portable tools. The blade acted as a god weapon in close combat but it was so much more than that. Smaller knife blades were folded into wooden handles and these knives were also fitted with other tools. In a single pocket knife, there were built-in utensils, parcel carriers, carabiners and fire starters. These knives acted as the perfect survival tools so soldiers would get by easily and do more with little carriage. 

The swiss army knife is a very good example of how these knives were disseminated. One of the military bases provided their troops with these knives and eventually all of them followed suit. Eventually though, they began to be considered as such impressive and useful tools that they were then mass produced. Several pocket knives were introduced into the market for the general public and they came into common use. The rest as we know is history and pocket knives are now one of the most common blades in the world. When they were first introduced, they were just folding knives that had to be pried open with your hands. You could use them and shut them back up and be on your way. With the advancement of technology, spring technology was introduced to make swift action knives. These are more commonly used now although both have loyal users. 

Common and Lesser Known Functions Of Small Pocket Knives  

As it is well-established that one of the most impressive features of pocket knives are sizes. Even though this doesn’t seem as impressive now, there was a time when they were not all that handy. From larger blades to pocket ones, there is a real curve of transformation. For a variety of reasons, pocket knives are much more useful and easier to handle. They promise portability along with different kinds of functions in a small package. 

  • Single-Tool Help In The Kitchen

There are many different tools you can use in the kitchen, each for a different purpose. But to make your job easier, what if you could make do with one? A pocket knife comes with a bottle and can opener and a cutter. You can do everything from cutting and slicing fruit to peeling vegetables. They also act as bottles and can openers in one and can also be used for opening wrappers and containers.

  • Camping buddy for outdoor trips

In the great outdoors, you have to take care of multiple things in limited resources. Pocket knives are ideal tools to carry when you are camping or travelling in the woods. They are easy to pack and carry everywhere and safe since they don’t need a cover for their blade. You can also use them for propping tents, digging holes, putting up hammocks. They are pretty handy for foraging and making kindling for firewood to cook and stay warm.

  • DIY and art projects

There are so many different kinds of crafts that people can do at home. Usually you can find knick knacks to do them with as well. A pocket knife can be surprisingly helpful in that case for various reasons. They can cut everything from plastic, wire, paper and even clay. They can be used for carving wood and shaping play doh and clay. They usually come with cutters, serrated edges and screw drivers. Building furniture, displays and other things can also be done with pocket knives. 

  • First-aid kit essentials

It is pretty obvious that some form of blade has to be used in rescue and emergency missions. All rescue personnel and first responders carry pocket knives on them for such situations. Accidents, fires, discord and riots, they all can result in different medical and life-threatening emergencies. Pocket knives are useful for making bandages out of cloth, cleaning wounds and even performing emergency surgeries. Other than that, many tactical pocket knives come with glass breakers, wrenches, cutters and LED lights. These tools are pivotal for first responders when they can’t carry multiple tools all the time. 

Major Motivation For Buying Unique Pocket Knives

It will surprise you to know how many people are actively into collectible knives. In whichever shape or form they may be, collectors like to have different blades for display and admiration. Pocket knives are becoming exceedingly common in that case because they are cheap and versatile in design. You can find hundreds of designs and styles that will appeal to every person differently. 

For a variety of cool knives you need to find one source that will give you all the blades in one place. Usually, you will have to survey your market, but you might not find variety. In that case, try the wholesale knives for resale available at PA Knives online store. They have all kinds of quirky, imaginative and handy knives at reasonable prices. 

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