Float A Like Butterfly, Cut Like A Knife – Real Butterfly Knife For Self Defense

by Emma Will Saty Healthy

Every weapon has its own allure and charisma – whether it is the legacy or the deadliness, each weapon has character. And a butterfly knife is definitely high on the list of cool knives that ooze character and style. They are basically pocket knives that have gotten a fancy makeover.

What Are Butterfly Knives Good for?

  • Like any other knife, they are also deadly despite being flashy and fun.

  • They are more convenient than most fixed blade knives because they don’t require sheaths or covers. Their own handles close over the blade-like butterfly wings.

  • They are easily concealable and can be great hidden weapons, so they can be carried in public.

  • Carrying butterfly knives allows quick fixes for annoying stickups; cutting jammed seatbelts, opening tough packages, and doing camping chores.

  • If you play your cards right, there are so many ways to use a real butterfly knife. You can put quite a show for your guests and master fighting moves with them.

What States Are Butterfly Knives Illegal in?

Given that a Butterfly Knife is pocket knives that are concealed by their own mechanism; they are legal almost everywhere in America.

  • You can find all kinds of knives for sale, but buyer responsibility is of course applicable, as is the age limit.

  •  Butterfly knives are often classified as switchblades, but their blades are usually less than 3 inches long.

  • According to California state laws, they’re legal to carry, buy and sell and collect.

  • Most states are pretty lax about carrying butterfly knives as well unless you don’t brandish them in public as threatening weapons.

Are Butterfly Knives Good for Self Defense?

Much like other pocket knives, butterfly knives are definitely an amazing self-defense weapon as well. The key to using them effectively for personal defense, however, lies within the user. They are swift, flashy blades, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can hurt yourself pretty bad. On the other hand, if you spend some time and master the butterfly knife, you can do some serious damage to criminals.

Style and Bravado – Cool Butterfly Knives Available Online

Like most blades, there are avid collectors of butterfly knives because of how awesome they look. Not only are they sleek blades, but their swinging handles are particularly attractive to thrill-seekers and showmen. You can find cool knives in your local stores, but if you want the best butterfly knife money can buy, look online. 

Once you search for butterfly knives online, you will be spoiled for choice, for real! There are enough designs to fill a cabinet full of collectibles. Let’s look at some top-selling knives that will catch your collector’s eye.

Butterfly Training Knife 4 Inch Rainbow Tanto Blade Balisong

The biggest rage out there these days is colorful, flashy blades. This rainbow butterfly knife is one of the highest-selling knives you can find out there. It’s smooth and chrome finish has won the hearts of many collectors. 

Butterfly Training Knife 4 Inch Blue Hawkbill Blade Balisong

Speaking of flashy blades, this number is the picture of thrilling, dangerous, and sleek in the same blade. It has a pointed Hawkbill blade and a bright blue chrome color that makes it irresistible as a collectible. Of course, you shouldn’t run around in the street swiveling this blade, but it can definitely grace your walls and your dinner parties.

Pearl Marble Silver Butterfly Knife

Most people admire the butterfly knife for its finesse. This beautiful pearly, bright knife embodies that sheen perfectly. If you know how to play tricks with a butterfly knife, let it be this one.

Where to Get Cheap Butterfly Knives?

As unbelievable as it may seem, the knives listed above collectively cost only $27.33. And this is possible thanks to online retailers offering wholesale knives at reasonable prices. This is quite ideal for collectors, as the more they can save the more they can buy.

Even if you’re looking for a knife for self-defense or for outdoor chores, the butterfly knife is the perfect tool. It is easy to carry, and it can slip into small spaces, bags, purses, or car compartments. It closes into itself, making your life easier when you travel with it. They keep bad guys away and also help you hone your skills. You can get all this under $10, from a single tool that looks awesome and barely puts a dent in your pocket. So, find the blade that you want to collect, for prices that will make your pick your jaw off the floor.

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