Is Brass Knuckle Knife a Good Self-Defense Weapon

by Emma Will Saty Healthy

When it comes to protecting yourself, you need to have something that is lightweight, preferably easy to hide and that can inflict pain upon your attacker. Put all those things together, and you have yourself a Brass Knuckle Knife, a real double threat that can save your life.

This kind of knife is an amalgamation of the brass knuckle and a pocket knife. With this double feature, this combination knife is a wearable punching tool as well as the perfect stabbing knife, all in one handy weapon. Talk about lethal and convenient! You can find variations of this design in different colors, blade varieties, and sizes that will suit your needs; because depending on where you go, you need a weapon that is easy to use and fast-acting especially when under attack.

How Can a Knuckle Duster Knife Help You in Sticky Situations?

  • You can wear them on your knuckles and use them to punch someone in close contact to deter them away from you, causing actual muscle disruption and disorientation if you hit hard enough.

  • The hidden blade has a spring assisted mechanism that makes it easier to click open and slash or stab your attacker if they force themselves on you.

  • Other than assault, a double function tools like brass knuckle knife is quite useful for escape. You can cut ropes, tapes, and wires with the sharp blade. Additionally, the knuckle duster can help you break glass, knock off locks, and splinter softwood to escape or to make way for air in case of fire.

  • They are incredibly helpful as starter weapons in self defense training as you can learn multiple fighting techniques with them and then move onto bigger weapons. But training with them will also give you command over basic self-defense tactics and your weapon can remain small and easy to use.

  • The law enforcement and military also use these combination knives as survival tools and close combat weapons; they are a cheap alternative to multiple advanced grade weapons like guns.

Multi-Purpose is the New Awesome – Knuckle Knives for Sale

These cool knives are not only multi-purpose; they are also quite dangerous which is perfect for self-defense and survival training. Even with different sizes and non-metal varieties, they are still one of the handiest tools you can find. Take, for example, the Ninja Knuckle Fighter Knife with Sheath and Grey Wrapped Cord Handle as a survival tool. It is easy to grip due to the cord wrapping around finger holes, the blade is pointed and curved which makes them ideal for stabbing, poking, skinning animals, and cutting food and wood when you’re out on camping trips. It easily oscillates between handy household tools to lethal weapons, with ease.

Since one of the prime features of a dual purpose knuckle duster knife are utility and convenience; they are usually equipped with sharp and verifying blades to suit various purposes. You can use it inside the house as well as in the wilderness.

Something like the MTech Xtreme Full Tang Knuckle Handle Tactical Combat Knife features a comfortable gripping knuckle handle, and dual-sided blade, one sharp and smooth and one ridged that will be ideal for hunting, camping, self-defense and close combat. So it is just your function and usage that will limit the use of this amazing multi-purpose knife.

Talking about usage, we know that weapons were originally used more widely in the military and in combat, which is why they are so perfect for self-defense. But there are professional fighters and soldiers even today who use these weapons, such as trench knives for attack and combat. A trench knife is named after the WWI inspired military knife, used by soldiers in trenches to incapacitate and kill their enemies. Since it has a fixed blade, it is a much more stable weapon, but it must be used with extreme caution and with prior knowledge to avoid accidents or self-infliction.

Where to Find Tactical Cheap Knives for Sale?

Military attire and weapons have been widely adopted by popular culture and fashion. But since these items are normally designed especially for the military they are expensive; that doesn’t mean that you can’t find these tools to make your life easier at affordable prices. There is a plethora of wholesale knives available online that can be delivered straight to your doorstep. You can find multi-purpose knives to answer all your survival problems for $25 or far less apiece. So now that you know all you need to know about knuckle knives; go ahead and choose your knife of choice which will be an investment that will last you a lifetime.

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