Delight Your Peers With Slick Butterfly Knife Tricks

by Emma Will Saty Healthy

Just as the wings of a butterfly move in graceful motion with every flap, a butterfly knife also projects smooth, precise movements. For those of you who have been unaware of the swiftness and coolness of a butterfly blade, here’s all you need to know.

Also known as a balisong knife, the butterfly knife is a double handle pocket knife. It features a small blade and two handles that close over the edge like wings. This mechanism is what lends this knife it's magical name. But it is far from fantastical in usage and handling, as it can also be quite sharp and dangerous. Most commonly, the butterfly knife is used either a handy pocket knife or as a party trick.

How To Use A Butterfly Knife?

Whenever you think of a knife, the first few things that occur to everyone is slicing, cutting, and stabbing. The Butterfly Knife is an enigmatic blade that can do all that and become a fantastic prop.

  • A butterfly knife trainer uses the sleek blade to amaze and entertain his guests. The knife can primarily be used as a prop for showmanship. Darting, swinging, flipping, and twirling are some common tricks that knife performers master.

  • As an everyday use blade, a butterfly knife is quite safe to carry as its edge remains protected within its handles. With sufficient practice, you can train to use a butterfly knife with one, a skill quite handy for emergencies.

  • In self-defense, it is better to keep a weapon that’s easy to hide and use when needed. A butterfly knife is the perfect concealed blade that’s quick to use when in danger.

Why Is A Butterfly Knife Illegal In The U.S.?

  • It seems absurd that something named a butterfly knife is potentially dangerous and illegal in the U.S.

  • Nevertheless, butterfly blades are considered to be switchblades and are illegal for public use according to federal law.

  • In the case of self-defense, you can use a butterfly knife, but there are still laws that prohibit their use.

  • But if you use a butterfly knife with a blade smaller than 3.5 inches, it is legal and poses no penalties.

  • It is up to the owner of the blade to lawfully use the knife are they have it.

  • The possession and purchase of these cool knives are still permitted, so you need to be discreet carrying it for self-defense.

  • Since the blade itself is not a toy, you should get a practice butterfly knife before you decide to use it properly.

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