Weighing the Pros and Cons of Solar Inverter Price For Home?

by Amit Sharma Digital Markter

Solar power is today's buzzword. Everywhere you look, there's talk of global warming, carbon footprinting and so on. We've been witness to changing weather cycles and recognize the need to pay heed to nature's needs. At the same time, we abhor inconvenience and consider electricity our birthright. This is probably why solar power is so popular today. That said. It doesn't come cheap. The solar inverter price for home is one of the biggest reasons why we hesitate using it. So let's weigh the pros and cons.

solar inverter price for home

High initial costs but long term savings
There's no avoiding the fact that solar inverter price for home does take a bite out of your budget. But, basing a decision solely on this would be myopic. There's the long term savings to consider. Once installed, this inverter will be your source of electricity and you will be free from worries of blackouts and hefty electricity bills. If you choose to have a grid connected system, you can still take electricity from the main power grid during the monsoons and winter. In such a system, the excess power generated by your solar inverter in the summer will be transferred to the main grid in exchange for energy credits. Thus, even when you do need electricity from the main power grid, your bill will not be as high.

Multi stage installation but negligible maintenance needs

Installing a solar power system is not a DIY exercise. The panels must be installed in such a way that maximum sunlight falls on them. Only then will your system be efficient and cost effective.  There are also permits to be processed and regulations to comply with. It can take a few days. But, once this is done, there is negligible maintenance required. Since there are no moving parts in the panels,  they are durable and long lasting. All you will need to do is keep them free from dust and debris by washing them down once in a while and top up the water levels in the battery. That’s it. The system works independently without any extra effort on your part. The system should ideally last you at least a decade. During that time, you would have easily made up all the initial setup costs.

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The biggest advantage- an easy way to lower your carbon footprint

When one talks of solar power, the biggest ‘problem in the list is its ability to minimize a house’s carbon footprint without causing any inconvenience.You can enjoy all the modern comforts of electricity while knowing that your appliances are being powered by clean energy.

In short, don’t worry too much about the solar inverter price for home.  The money you spend today will be earned back along with interest in just a few months. In addition, you get a reliable power supply for your home which needs no extra work on your behalf. What’s more, you also get to experience the joy of doing your part towards lowering pollution levels and makes the earth healthier. 

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