Factors to Consider for Judging the best Solar Inverter Price

by Amit Sharma Digital Markter
It is true that nowadays, living without electricity is hard to imagine. When everything in your home, from laptops, to television, oven, and air-conditioners run using electricity, how can you think of a life with an uninterrupted power supply? The electricity that you get in your homes is generated by burning fossil fuels and coal. Thankfully, there is a better way of generating electricity today. The sun is an abundant, clean and green source of energy that can be used to generate electricity without contributing to pollution. These days, you can easily buy solar inverters for this purpose too. Before you consider buying these inverters, you should check the best solar inverter price and then invest in the same.

The inverter is said to be the heart of any solar PV system. It controls and monitors the entire PV system. Before you think of investing in the solar inverter, it is important to study the different types of inverters.

1. String Inverters
String inverters are the most common type of inverters that are used for residential purposes. The inverter connects strings of the solar panels.

2. Central Inverter
These inverters are majorly used for commercial purposes. These are massive inverters that are used for solar systems in the hundreds of kilowatts.

3. Micro inverters
These are tiny inverters that need only one solar panel.

4. Hybrid Inverters
A hybrid inverter is used to plug batteries into your solar power system.

5. Off-Grid Inverters
In an off-grid inverter, the DC electricity is converted to AC electricity which is then stored in deep cycle batteries. It is the most successful kind of inverter.

The solar inverter price depends on the type of inverter you go for. It is always recommended to not go for the cheap inverters because they don’t last long and also lack in their performance. It is very important to go for a quality solar inverter that can handle the harsh weather conditions like rain, humidity, heat waves, and extremely cold weather. Other factors to think of when you are considering if the price of the solar inverter is optimum or not, include the quality and reliability of the inverter, warranty and guaranty period, features, and service and supply of the inverter.

A low-end inverter can start with a nominal price range while a premium quality inverter may cost higher. If you consider the failure rate of cheap or low-priced inverters, then you won’t invest in a cheap inverter. It is always better to pay more and buy a better quality inverter because it lasts longer and offers better performance.

To conclude
All in all, a solar inverter is a kind of electrical converter that converts DC into AC. If you plan to install a solar inverter in your house or your factory, then you should go for a reasonable solar inverter price. In India, the solar inverter price normally starts at around Rs. 19,000 and can range up to Rs 4, 00,000 depending upon the size, type, and capacity of the inverter.

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