Ways to Find Astrological Remedies for Infertility in the Modern World

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When couples, younger as well as older, who are trying for a child, face a roadblock, they become depressed and want to find a solution to their problem. Well, the solution isn’t too far. There are astrological remedies for infertility, which help an experienced astrologer to give you pregnancy prediction by date of birth.  Astrology for child birth is one of the most recognized and consulted branches of Vedic Astrology, not the least because of the current statistics, which show more and more couples facing problems in conceiving.

IVF Baby and AstrologyIt is a dream of every woman to become a mother some day, many women who aren’t able to achieve this dream due to various reasons, one of which is infertility, are driven towards seeking astrological remedies for the same. Alternate methods like IVF and astrology are important steps that make it possible for couples to overcome all the issues and bear a child. However, before you seek the ways to find astrological remedies for infertility for yourself or someone close to you, it is important to identify and analyze the astrology behind child birth. It is only when you comprehend astrology for child birth that you will be able to make use of it for making a better pregnancy prediction by date of birth.

Vedic astrologers often look into the horoscopes of both partners before pointing out the possibilities of parenthood for them or not. According to astrology, it is planet Jupiter, lords of the 5th and 9th houses along with the ascendant, Navamsa and Saptamsa charts, which are believed to affect an individual’s chances of progeny. Following are the progeny houses -

·         2nd House represents family.

·         5th House is significant for progeny

·         9th House facilitates presence of progeny in your life.

·         11th House (in association with 2nd and/or 5th house) indicates the prospects of progeny.

There are times when pregnancy is not a straightforward outcome of conjugal relations between couples. There are various reasons behind infertility ranging between psychological, physical, or beyond. Once an experienced astrologer comes across chances of infertility in a couple’s horoscopes, he or she wouldn’t waste time to recommend astrological remedies to rectify the situation. Some of the most effective astrological remedies for infertility are given below -

·         Visit a Peepal/Sacred Fig Tree once a month and perform a parikrama of it while praying to Lord Ganesha, which would heighten the positive energy derived from planets like Venus and Jupiter.

·         Keep fasts on Thursdays and/or donate yellow food items like bananas, lentils or yellow cloth.

·         Infertility, which is a result of hormonal imbalance, can be removed if the woman fasts on full-moon days or Poornima. On these days, white flowers must be offered to the Moon. Also, donating white food items like salt, milk, rice and sugar can be beneficial.

·         In case of infertility in men, eating tulsi leaves and chanting the mantra “Om Namah Bhagvate Vasudevaye” at least 108 times can be helpful.

·         Going for sexual intercourse during morning, which is the Venus hour, might produce better results.

·         Sleeping in the South-West direction of your bedroom would increase a couple’s chances to conceive.

Children define our existence and are a natural progression for a married couple, among other things. After all, don’t we astrology all seek to create a happy family for ourselves and each other? However, this dream isn’t always easy to fulfill. There are roadblocks such as infertility, which make it difficult to reach the stage of parenthood. Therefore, it is the right thing to look for astrological remedies for infertility from an experienced astrologer like Dr. Vinay Bajrangi. Dr. Bajrangi will go through your horoscope and also that of your partner in order to find out the current status and tell you about the possibility of pregnancy prediction by date of birth in your birth-chart.

If you need help to navigate this complex world, you can connect with Dr. Bajrangi on or contact his office on +91 9278665588/9278555588.

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