Types of Toilet Paper – A Guide to Buying the Right Kind

by John Dimasi general manager

Walk into any store today and you face a mind-boggling variety of toilet paper options to choose from. Each one is different in terms of softness, cost, quality, durability, absorbability etc. With so many different kinds of toilet paper, it is important to know which to buy to meet your expectations of cost and quality. Read on to know more about the different kinds of toilet paper in the market and what the terms mean!

1. 1-ply toilet paper 

‘Ply’ refers to the thickness of the toilet paper. Thus, as the name suggests, the 1-ply toilet paper roll consists of a single layer of paper. This roll is cheaper than a 2-ply roll as it contains one less layer. The lack of another paper layer does not in most cases, make the roll less strong or durable. In fact, some 1-ply toilet paper rolls are stronger than their 2-ply or 3-ply counterparts.

1-ply toilet paper rolls are best for use in a septic system as the paper breaks down faster. This kind of paper also reduces the chance of a clogged toilet, if used in moderation. 

2. 2-ply toilet paper 

This toilet paper roll consists of two layers of toilet paper in each square. A 2-ply toilet paper roll is more comfortable, absorbent and thicker as compared to 1-ply toilet rolls. However, it also costs more than 1-ply paper.

If you use a septic system or live in a house that was constructed a long time ago, this toilet paper can cause clogging. 

3. 3-ply toilet paper

This kind of toilet paper comes with three layers of paper, and is therefore a lot more absorbent. 3-ply paper is also extremely soft and more durable than the 1-ply or 2-ply toilet papers. 

On the downside, 3-ply toilet paper is more expensive than the first two varieties and may not be financially sustainable for regular use. It is also less environmentally friendly and has a high chance of clogging up toilets, especially in buildings with older plumbing.

4. Luxury Toilet Paper 

Many brands have launched their own premium or luxury lines of toilet paper. These kinds of toilet paper are very different from the average toilet paper roll. Luxury toilet rolls come in numerous versions such as lotioned, perfumed, quilted, scented, extra or ultra-soft and are made up of multiple layers. They are more expensive than the regular 1-ply, 2 -ply or 3-ply versions, but are a great choice for those who like to fill their bathrooms with luxury toiletries and equipment.  

We hope this list helped you in choosing the right toilet paper for your home or work needs. Let us know in the comments below, what other toilet papers you recommend! 

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