Choosing the Best Toilet Paper to Buy

by John Dimasi general manager

Are you one of those people who thinks that toilet paper is just a functional product that you don’t have to think about? Toilet paper is one of the most important daily-use products, and a good-quality one can make your day a lot more comfortable! In particular, if you plan to buy toilet paper in bulk, you definitely need to read these tips on how to choose the best kind for your needs.



What to Look for In Your Toilet Paper



1. Strength and Durability


You need to be sure that your toilet paper will do the job you picked it to do. The paper needs to be strong enough to the job, and durable so it won’t fall to pieces in your hand. Two-ply toilet paper is stronger than most one-ply toilet paper specimens, since there are two layers of paper in the former. It also is more absorbent than one-ply paper, although one-ply paper is cheaper. You can check out a wide range of toilet paper online before deciding which one to buy. When you buy toilet paper in bulk from online retailers like One Stop Cleaning Supplies, you can make substantial savings as well.



2. Comfort


Given that toilet paper will be coming in contact with your skin, you must give a great deal of thought to comfort. The paper should be soft so that it does not damage your skin; at the same time, it should be strong enough to hold its shape without tearing. Two-ply or three-ply toilet paper would definitely be gentler on your skin than a rougher one-ply paper. You should also consider that we often use the same toilet paper rolls for a variety of other things – clearing up spills, wiping a child’s runny nose, sometimes even for a quick make-up adjustment. Given all these uses, you should definitely go for paper that is easy on the skin and can be easily applied to all these situations.


3. Price


Since toilet paper is a very frequently used product and a typical person goes through an average of 100 rolls a year, considering price is also important. The price of toilet paper increases with the thickness i.e., one-ply is the cheapest, then we have two-ply, then three-ply and so on. The cheapest toilet paper rolls will also, most likely, be the ones that are most uncomfortable to use or flimsy to hold. Settling for a cheap brand of toilet paper could lead to a variety of issues – clogged toilet, abraded skin, wastage of paper as it keeps tearing, etc. If you have guests over, it’ll also not create the best image of your home.


There is one way to buy quality toilet paper and yet save money. Remember, if you buy toilet paper in bulk, the resultant saving can help you get better toilet paper at a lower cost!



Hope we helped you figure out your priorities when it comes to buying toilet paper! If you are looking to buy toilet paper in bulk online, don’t look any further than One Stop Cleaning Supplies. Check out the range of cleaning products and supplies on offer at and order today for fast delivery across Australia.

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