Points to remember while giving your home a Deep Cleaning!

by John Dimasi general manager

If you want to keep your home bright, clean and dust-free at all times, there are some essential cleaning products you must always have in your cleaning kit at home. These tools and cleaning supplies can help you achieve great results with the least possible effort. Here is our list of recommended must-buy cleaning products for your home. You can learn more about all these cleaning supplies online before deciding which you need most.

1. All-Purpose Cleaner

True to its name, an all-purpose cleaner works across a variety of surfaces and is one of the most important must-buy cleaning products to add to your arsenal. If you’ve checked cleaning supplies online you would note that this product comes in two different forms – you can either buy a concentrated solution and make your own dilution of it, or pick up a spray version, which works really well in places like kitchens.

2. Disinfectant

Another very important cleaning product you must keep at home is a good disinfectant. While an all-purpose cleaner serves the purpose in most parts of your home, for some areas such as toilets and kitchen surfaces, a disinfectant is a good idea. This will keep all kinds of harmful bacteria and germs from building up on those surfaces and protect your family’s health. You can buy a wide variety of these cleaning products online nowadays, and choose the fragrance you like best!

3. Glass cleaner

A room with a view is no fun if the window panes are streaked with dust! Hence, a good quality glass or mirror cleaner is another important cleaning product to buy and keep at home. Glass cleaning solutions contain special solvents that lift away dirt and grime from the surface of the glass, ensuring that they leave behind a sparkling surface with no tell-tale streaks of dust.

4. Microfibre cloths

It’s a good idea to keep a few of these at home in your cleaning kit. Microfibre cloths are extremely effective at picking up dust and dirt, and hence are preferred by professional cleaners over normal cloth for dusting etc. Cleaning with a microfibre cloth will allow you to do a better job of removing built-up grime from all areas of your home including furniture.

The next time you buy cleaning products, add a few microfibre cloths to the list!

5. Gloves

Cleaning your home involves using a variety of chemicals and also exposes your hands to dust, germs etc. It is recommended to keep a few pairs of gloves at home and always use a pair while cleaning. This way, you can ensure that your hands do not bear the brunt of any heavy-duty cleaning effort on your part. If you plan to buy these cleaning supplies online, make sure you compare the differences between types of gloves and pick the ones must suitable to your requirements.

Keeping health concerns and overall convenience in mind, many people prefer to just buy their cleaning supplies online now. You can buy cleaning products by a variety of brands from websites like

What do you think about this list of essential cleaning products to buy and keep at home? What would you add? 

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