Colorful gemstone jewelry that captures every heart

by John Dimasi general manager
Turquoise Jewelry

What comes to mind when you hear the word 'gemstone'? The colorful crystals with the extraordinary beauty, isn't it? 

So, let us learn about a few of the astonishing gemstones which are ready to capture the hearts of the beholder with their magnificence. 


Starting with the lustrous gem-like Moonstone jewelry, which has the sheen which everyone loves. This gemstone comes in various hues like blue, white, multi-color, and many more. It belongs to the feldspar mineral family and is one of the best gemstones to be worn for daily purposes. It has energies of the moon and the Goddess Diana, which allows individuals to be focused on their professional lives and perform better every day.

Opal is a stone of purity and love. They come from Australia and Ethiopia and are set into sterling silver, creating beautiful Opal jewelry that no one can deny buying. They are available in the shades of blue, pink, yellow, orange, white, multi-color, and even colorless. They possess the energies which help the person keep themself away from the negative traits of life. From daily as a part of office accessory to the jewelry complimenting the dress for the red carpet event, opals are perfect. So, never give a second thought to them, as they are the must-buy products.  

The moldavite is the green crystal creating the statements when worn in the form of jewelry. It is called the stone of transformation as it has the energy to enhance the aura of the women with its magical power. Moldavite jewelry is made when it is set into sterling silver metal or rose gold metal. These crystals are only found in the Czech Republic as they were the result of the comets and meteoroids around 14.8 million years ago.   

Larimar Jewelry


Larimar is a blue crystal that comes from the Dominican Republic as it was formed when the mountains tumbled down into the river. They were found on the Caribbean Sea seashore and are now used to make beautiful Larimar jewelry pieces. They have the calming energies that soothe everything in life by bringing peace and allowing the person to sleep.  


The turquoise is one of the most stronger gemstones found in the bluish-green color and has traces of copper and iron in it. People choose to wear turquoise jewelry for everyday use as it brings good fortune, health, and wealth and allows them to reach the heights of success. The ones who are December born are lucky as turquoise is their birthstone. 


Peridot is the most beautiful green gemstone known for neutralizing toxins. As a result, it has the ability to alleviate stress, anger, greed, bitterness, jealousy. Moreover, wearing Peridot jewelry brings love, joy, and happiness. It ranges from green to olive-green to yellow-green and rates between 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale toughness. This stone has got its name from the Arabic word "faridat," which literally means gemstone. The individual develops the quality of learning from their mistakes, living a better life, having a connection to the divine will, opening and sharping the mind. 


Tourmaline is the alternate birthstone for the month of October, along with the Opals. The name comes from the Sinhalese term "turmali," as the Dutch traders first discovered this gemstone off the West Coast of Italy. You can find the Tourmaline jewelry in various shades like black, green, gold, violet, and pink. These crystals are set into sterling silver metal, rose gold, and yellow gold metal.  


Birthstone jewelry is the most selling gemstone jewelry, as people specially buy them either for themself or gifting it to the ones who celebrate their birthdays in that specific month. So, for instance, the march birthstone Aquamarine would be in demand. 

 Special tip

Always remember that your customer is your king. Being a retailer, you should always guide them to buy the most suitable gemstone. Moreover, always buy gemstones that are of high quality because you are not only selling jewelry, but along with it, you are creating your market value. 

Where to buy these gemstones?

You got to know which gemstones to pick, but the formidable challenge is where to purchase these gemstones from. So, to solve your query, I am recommending you the place to make your purchase easy. So, it is Rananjay Exports, Indian based website, who are the leading manufacturer and supplier of wholesale gemstone jewelry. They ship their products all across the globe, providing free shipping to their customers. Although, they only accept orders above $499 to keep their collection exclusive. Furthermore, you can get the reward point which can be redeemed while ordering the jewelry items. So, check out the gemstone section, add your favorites in the cart, and order them using PayPal. 

Have a wonderful experience buying with them, and don't forget to share your feedback.    

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