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by Emma L. Business consultant

There are two major actions you can perform in order to lead a healthier lifestyle, break away from your sedentary habits and start eating better. This latter piece of advice sounds both simple and self-explanatory, yet, it’s definitely easier said than done. In this day and age, most people have a general idea of what good nutrition is supposed to look like. Eating in moderation, including more greens into one’s diet and focusing on organic food are just some of the examples. Still, for those who are willing to learn a bit more on this topic, here are five tips that should help you effortlessly transform your nutrition.

You need all the nutrients

The first misconception that you’ll hear when you decide to get your nutrition in order is the idea that you should cut carbs and fats and focus on the protein exclusively. Sure, reducing carbs when trying to lose weight is probably a good idea but eliminating them completely from your nutrition is no short of insanity. They’re your primary source of energy and, for a person trying to lead a more active life, they are incredibly important. Instead of cutting out any macronutrient. You should, instead, change their source. This is something we’ll discuss in the following section.

The quality of nutrients matters the most

The reason why carbohydrates are getting such a bad reputation is due to the fact that people A) eat them excessively and B) usually eat foods made from refined grains, which are not as quality. When it comes to the first part, you need to keep in mind that pushing any habit too far is unhealthy. For instance, while increasing the intake of protein is highly suggested, eating too much protein can be bad for you, as well. Therefore, rationing and quality food sources are two areas that you need to focus on. Lean meat, eggs and fish for protein, whole grain and rice for carbohydrates and avocado, olive oil and nuts for fats. This alone will make a world of difference.

Look for a custom-made meal plan

The simplest, safest and the healthiest way for you to fix your nutrition is to find someone who specializes in providing healthy meal plans. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about things like eating schedule, calorie counting (something we’ll deal with later on) and the reliability of results. Most importantly, eating plans are often logical and intuitive, once you get used to them, which means that they help you develop healthy eating habits instead of just allowing you to effortlessly lose a pound or two. Needless to say, these plans are by far the most effective when combined with the right training regimen.

Counting calories is not as efficient as you think

Some people see counting calories as the holy grail of maintaining healthy body weight, yet, this practice is so problematic and may even become incredibly dangerous if not conducted properly. First of all, online calculators are ineffective due to the fact that they A) don’t have all the data about your lifestyle and metabolism B) due to the fact that they don’t control the quality of nutrients in questions. A man from Kansas lost 27 pounds while on a sweets-filled diet simply because he limited himself to 1,800 calories per day. The problem, however, lies in the fact that his overall health drastically deteriorated. The problem is that this is not an isolated case, due to the fact that calorie counting solves this problem merely on the surface.

A bigger item in your budget

Now, we come to one of the most difficult and most unpleasant parts of transforming your nutrition. Eating properly is not cheap. You see, the quality of the food you consume will affect the price of supplies. The problem lies in the fact that when there’s a problem in their budget, a lot of people choose to save money on food, which is all but wise. In order to avoid this, try to cut corners elsewhere and make sure that you leave more room in your budget for quality nutrients. Spend more money on organic food and your body will return this gesture.


One last thing you need to fully grasp is the concept of efficiency. This is one more reason why calorie counting is not as efficient – it’s not something that you’re going to do every day for the rest of your life. The very word diet means eating regimen, not starving yourself to death or a temporary measure to get your body weight in order. Therefore, you need to find methods that you can adhere to both effortlessly and consistently.

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