Helping Job Seekers with Useful Gifts

by Emma L. Business consultant

Searching for a job is a very stressful process that can be overwhelming. For some people, it may last for a really long time and it does take its toll – it affects their positivity, self-confidence, and outlook for their own future. Surely, this is not only hard for the job seekers but also for their closest friends and family, since they are immediate witnesses of this hardship. This is where they can jump in and make things just a bit easier by simply offering a little help along the way.

Here are just some ideas how you can help a loved one who is looking for a job by providing a thoughtful gift that will not only be helpful and practical, but it would also bring much-needed cheer and relief.

Interview wardrobe

In an ideal world, the most qualified candidate would definitely land the job. However, the world is not ideal and we, humans, are surely far from it. We are influenced by many details that form our first impressions. According to research, the first impression is formed within the first 10 seconds; hardly enough time to really get to know someone. A significant part of that is the choice of wardrobe worn for the interview. Be sure to lend them a hand when it comes to choosing the right outfit. Help them upgrade their personal image or, if you feel unsure of your own sense of style, you can always play it safe and purchase a gift card to a department store.


Resume consultation

Having a great resume is the first step on the road to a rewarding job search but this is not an easy step to take. Job seekers have many doubts concerning the correct form, length, and structure of the resume; so they often make errors in crucial places. A good, professional resume writer can answer their questions, spruce it up and make sure that it is up to highest standards; with suitable style, language register, and grammar.

Career coach

If you are really devoted to helping your friend or a loved one, hiring a career coach may be the perfect gift. They can help in many ways, from interview preparation, confidence boost, choosing a career path, offering motivation and support throughout the hunting process. Nowadays, it’s incredibly easy to find the right coach online, at a variety of prices and specializing in various fields. So, do your research and find a reputable one to meet the needs of your job-seeking friend.


Gift cards

Job searching is often a long and exhausting process that can wear down the spirit of even the most enthusiastic people. So, taking a break, sitting down and having a break over a cup of coffee is more than welcome; especially when the expense has already been covered. A café gift card will not only do this, but it will also provide a moment of peace to collect one’s thoughts or relax and chat with friends.

Gift cards come in many forms and are often that last push a job seeker might need when searching for a job. Moreover, all your job-seeking friends will appreciate any help you may provide, so you might consider picking some prepaid visa cards to lift their spirits.

Interview extras

We have already mentioned the importance of the first impression and how every detail can have an impact on the outcome of the interview. Therefore, little things such as having personalized business cards, a leather portfolio or a shiny new briefcase can do much to improve the overall impression. Someone who is unemployed will not be in the position to splurge on these things, so a gift like this will be most welcome.

Stress relief

No matter how persistent and determined job seekers are, they are only human and there’s a limit to how much stress a person can take. Staying healthy is imperative but what’s also important, is to have fun along the way. You can get creative and put together a gift basket of relaxing oils, creams, bath salts and candles. Massage is number one tool in beating stress – it decreases anxiety, increases energy levels and improves sleep quality. A gym pass, movie or theatre tickets or a sports membership will help them stay active, broaden their interests and take their mind off the hardships of looking for a job.

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