Entering the Music Business- Are you Ready to Own a Studio

by Emma L. Business consultant

Even for an average listener, it is quite obvious that the world of music has tremendously changed. Electronic music has progressed and branched out to huge extents, rock is showing signs of a plateau, technical metal music is becoming increasingly complex and, well, technical, while the ‘crowd pleasers’ have found ways to make turning profit more efficient than ever before.

However, deep beneath the music lie many layers of production and the technology here has progressed far beyond what an average listener may think.

Nowadays, anyone can open a studio, but only if they know what they’re doing.

In the beginning…

The question of where to start is indeed a good one. It is also almost impossible to answer. Let’s say that your education was unrelated to music production, given the fact that those who have studied the subject matter won’t really need assistance in opening a music studio.

The thing is, as a layman, you’re going to have to rely on yourself and yourself only, so that you can hope to turn professional someday.

The plus side of modern music studios is that the initial steps are extremely easy. All you need is a computer, a microphone, headphones, an interface and a DAW of some sort, and you’re likely to already own some of these, musician or not.

Use the power of the internet to harvest all the necessary information about music production – from hardware and software, to recording and acoustics tips and tricks.

Practice pays off

Equipped with the mentioned necessities, every experienced music producer can come up with fantastic sounds. How? Well, things are pretty simple – you can buy expensive software and hardware which will make things much easier for you. However, if you aren’t afraid to dedicate enough time, you can do what professional, educated producers do, and on an extremely convenient budget. To prove this, here’s a video of David Maxim Micic, a musician who records and produces his own music, using cheap software and hardware to record fantastic guitar sounds.

How do you get there? The answer is simple: practice! Start recording, start messing around with equalizers, knobs and sliders and look online for expert advice.

Sound proof

Once you’ve gained some experience in music production and after you’ve bought that expensive pair of monitors, you’re going to start hearing sounds and layers of sound that you’ve never noticed before, even in music that you’ve listened to many times before. This is perfectly natural and extremely important – attention to detail is what music production is all about.

Soon, you’ll notice that your studio will require better sound insulation and this will be your first large investment. Keep in mind that it is impossible to avoid soundproofing.


Sure, the design of your studio is technically completely unrelated to the music that you are playing, mixing and producing, but it is very important in terms of providing you with inspiration, reinforcing productivity and instilling trust in your clients. Do some research and go at it alone, even if you can afford to hire a designer. If you create the studio on your own, it will feel more like home.

Of course, there’s a fine line between aesthetics and practicality, but there are ways to walk this fine line. Opt for quality linear aesthetic planks and be A&A – acoustic and aesthetic!

Always be networking

The modern music business is especially convenient for cooperation with people in related fields. For example, if you need recording/producing/mixing practice in order to earn experience, rest assured that there’s a band out there that needs their demo recorded. Make a free deal with them and earn more than money – earn experience. Similarly, you can always rent your space for band practice and rehearsal sessions, but if you don’t have money for promotion, you’re going to have to start reaching out.

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