Traditional Marketing – The Good and The Bad

by dinesh kumar Digital Marketing Is The New Marketing

Marketing has been a business that sprung its head from the early 18th century. But in reality, we as a species have been in the promotion business for far longer than we can count. As all the businesses that have ever run on our fair earth, yours needs promotions too. It doesn't matter if its a small family owned business that has run generations or a nuevo rich software startup that boomed to billionaire status in a couple of years - we all need marketing. Finding out the perfect way to boost sales and create brand awareness in this environment should be a huge part of your business strategy.

We have come to terms of the competitive times where the family-run stores who lived off a loyal customer base are closing down. This is because of the inflation and growing prices; these businesses are unable to make the next step and grow their business. This is why every brand needs a marketing specialist. But the question of the day is - What should I opt for, the age-old traditional marketing methods or something new and fancier - digital marketing? Let' have a look at how we rolled in the good ol' days.

Traditional Marketing

From the flyers that are dropped into the mailbox to the brochures lying around in your house, its all a part of the traditional market. The humongous billboards that tower over you when you're stuck in traffic can be really effective as well. Remember your school days where your fulfilled binge cartoon watching times were interrupted by TV ads? Those full-page ads in newspapers are all part of the same game as well. Having the tired and tested method is quite a safe bet in the eyes of brand owners. We are all resistant to change in some form or the other and it is totally relatable with certain brands rather stick with traditional marketing values. After all, they do have their benefits like:

The Goodies

Perfect for regional audience

If you are a family run business operating out of a small town, you know that this kind of marketing is the best for you. Your customers are not the type that goes on google for every query that they have. Word by mouth and the actual quality of the product is what promotes your brand. 

Tangible advertising

The thing about spending money is that, at the end of the day, it feels better to have something that you can touch and feel for all the money you spent. Seeing a 15 feet banner over the highway for your money feels much better than seeing an ad run at the corner of a search engine results page. Brochures and flyers can be kept and read again and again. I have personally stumbled upon some only flyers laying at some corner in the house to be reminded of a brand and impulsively made some purchases. This classic and evergreen nature of print advertising is always appreciated.

Relatable and simple

It’s an age of method. This means that we are quite accustomed to all the forms and shapes that it can take. No scary words like SEO or Google AdWords here. Just plain ol' simple advertising. We as people are resistant to change in some form or the other. The firm mindset of certain people and how they love reading newspapers mean that your brand has still got ways to stay relevant without the internet.

The Baddies

No engagement

Let's say you have spent a huge chunk of money on all the promotions on TV, Radio and Print advertising, the thing about the old methods is that you get no engagement. The process is direct to conversion. The only way you know that you've swayed a mind is when they call you and buy the product. The is no way for live feedback. Just hope for the best and keep promoting.


You know the most significant reason why a lot of people are shifting to digital marketing? Distribution costs. The thing about traditional marketing - all the money you have spent on creating your promotions, now you have to spend more money on distributing it. It is takes an enormous amount of money to get your promotions out there. And all these have to be physically transported too. Add the extra production costs like for all that paper and time slots for TV and radio promotions - by the end of the day, you will be left wheezing because of the investments just on promotions. 

No analysis

You are in the dark on this one. Only after the dawn of digital marketing do we have an idea the best ways to influence your audience. A live feedback loop of what kind of advertising affects what kind of audience - the key demographics and most valuable products. In traditional marketing, you lose all this functionality. Just create good content along with high-quality products and just hope for the best. 


Now that you have an idea all about traditional marketing, you should check out my next article on digital marketing so you get an idea of what would be the best for your brand. Marketing experts like Adhuntt can help decide which is the best form for you and provide advice on how to move forward. Keep learning and Good luck with your brand!

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