How to create the best brand possible - a guide to branding strategy

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A brand can be something very personal to its creator. All your hard work, blood and sweat into establishing something that is of your own is really special. Time spent into the crafting of every inch of its persona should be cherished. After all the toiling, imagine how it would be like if the brand is perceived by the public from an entirely different angle. This can happen if your brand image is not defined strongly enough. Your audience will create an identity for itself and that is rarely something positive.

A very good example for this was how Burberry was linked to gang wear a few decades ago. The new creative director had to entirely build a new image of luxury and poshness from the ground up. This required spending a lot of money in reeling in high ranking models and actresses to flaunt their wear. Soon enough they were back on top and now is one of the finest of premium clothing brands in the world. Although this story had a positive twist to it, in most cases, it is very hard to let go of a created image. To avoid such a fiasco, you need the best branding strategy in the market.

What is a brand?

Your brand is not your product, your logo, your website or your name. It is the feeling at the bottom of your gut that can tell apart a pretentious brand from an actual authentic one. There is no step by step guide that you can follow to get the best brand image possible. The conditions are arbitrary the variable shifting every day. This is why marketing is considered more of an art than an exact science. But there are a few spheres of thought that you should entirely focus on to get the best brand identity. Let's look at three of those right now.


The times have changed - no one listens to TV ads anymore. It is a time where consumer's trust in corporations is at an all-time low, everyone has a raised awareness and are more budget conscious too. This is why just winging it is probably not a good strategy for a new and upcoming brand.

Every single brand in the market makes promises. They all, as far as they are concerned, promise to be the best in their business. When everyone claims their own truth, what is, in fact, the real truth? Without going too philosophical let's get back to the point. Don't go ahead making promises that you can't keep. It's okay if you're not the "number 1" in the business right now.

Find out your purpose. Your vision and mission and how you are in fact truly different from the other brands. This can be how you do your business or the work culture. The way you approach the problem or the creative solutions you offer, always keep in mind one thing -your purpose. This is going to be the metaphorical 'veins' through which the lifeblood of your brand is going to be pumped by your heart.

Value Proposition

A value proposition is a clear statement that embodies everything that sets your brand apart from the crowd in one sentence. It strikes emotionally and creates a sense of need in the reader. Clean, clear and catchy words are the best way to go with this. Let's take an example:

You must know of the Dollar Beard Club. Their wacky and amazing advertising campaigns have reached a million dollar status. Each ad is created in a way that glorifies a bearded male. And do you know their value proposition?

"Be a man -Join the Club"

It's that simple. But you can see that just by this six words, Dollar Beard Club has created a community for itself. The words strike a chord with the reader and before you know it, everyone now wants a beard! In such a simple and effective way, the brand manages to exude its vision and mission. Don't jump on recent trends and hashtags just for this. Your value proposition should be something classy that will stand the test of time.


Remember the golden lines of marketing:

"Customers buy with emotion and justify with logic."

This is one of the biggest reasons for the success of the Royal Enfield motorcycle company. Kind of similar to the marketing strategies of Harley Davidson in the USA.

Of course, everyone knows that there are cheaper bikes out there that go faster, give better mileage and are safer than a Classic Royal Enfield Bullet. But even all that logical information won't make sense to you because you hear can hear that voice inside your head going "Buy the bullet".

The major reason for the success of Royal Enfield is that they exude the sense of something greater than just a motorcycle. Every marketing strategy that is used, glorifies the traditions out of which the bike is born. You can see videos of army men riding them during the war and black cats riding them out of army camps.

Apart from this, the brand also hosts events called 'One Rides' where the entire community of RE riders gets together to go on amazing trips to places like Leh Ladakh in Kashmir. This creates a sense of belonging and community. Now you are a part of something bigger than yourself and you feel great for it. This is how you as a brand should try to evoke emotion out of your customer.


After reading through this article I am sure that you have got a sense of better direction. A better idea of how to proceed and go through with the branding strategies for your company. But this information is not enough. You need to have a well thought out plan on how to go ahead with your brand. For this, you need the help of a digital marketer. Adhuntt is one such company that can help you focus on your product without compromising on how the public views your product. Go ahead and kick-start your brand. Give the link a click if you need help. Till then, Ciao!

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